Announcement: Octane Texture Pack Pro

I’m excited to team up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking to offer the Octane Texture Pack Pro! It has 100 incredibly detailed and high resolution textures. This product has been over a year in the making with any ior, dispersions and sss values physically correct to the real world. This pack is a must have for pro level textures!

Please click on thumbnails for a full res version to see the details!


Click here to buy now for only $59!

“For any serious Octane user, this is a no-brainer. Gorgeous materials at your disposal with just a click. The pack I was waiting for!”

   – A Customer Named Guido


Octane 3.05 and above

Cinema 4D R15 and above

Click here to buy now for only $59!

    Announcement: Pxl Dirt Rig for Octane: Grunge It Up!

    I’m beyond stoked to share this Octane for C4D product. Quickly add complex dirt, grunge and worn looks to your materials. You can also add stickers and patterns. The best part is that it takes very complex mix materials, noises, shaders and layers and puts them all in a very easy to use interface which is fast and fun to play around with. I hope you find it useful! I teamed up with Cedric Henry, from PXLNTWRk to make this available to you.

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      C4D Tutorial: How to Make Underwater Volumetric God Rays

      Quick overview of volumetric lights in C4D and how to set up underwater God Rays. Hope it helps you out!

      Get the free C4D 3D SeaLab model here

        New Modeling Contest!

        We haven’t done a modeling challenge for a long time, so let’s do it! I was making a fun little “Cube World” last week, based on inspiration from this tutorial. Here is my result:

        I thought it would be fun to have everyone make a cube world, and I will pick a winner. The winner will receive a free product from our store of their choice. We’ll make this a October contest, so you have till the end of the month.

        To enter, just:

        1. Create a little world living on a cube, and
        2. Send me a render to [email protected]

        The world can be anything, ocean, land, fantasy etc. I will put all the entries in a post and we can see what everybody comes up with. Enjoy and try to learn a new technique with your concept!


          Free C4D 3D Model: SeaLab

          New freebie! This one is a underwater SeaLab model. The SeaLab program ran in the 1960’s to research underwater habitats and to learn about what humans can endure physiologically. It’s very interesting, if you want to check into it. I read the book “Sealab” by Ben Hellwarth and highly recommend it. Pretty fascinating! Anyway, enough history. This model was made by my friend Rick Ellis ( Texturing/lighting is by yours truly. Feel free to use for anything you want, commercial or personal. Enjoy!

          click here to download the free sealab 3D model

            Cinema 4D Tutorial: Solo Options Overview

            In this video I’ll show you the 4 different Solo buttons in Cinema 4D and how they work. Hope it helps you out!

              Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Pulling Focus on Tricky Scenes

              If your scene is really dense, sometimes your focus picker seems to just jam up and not work which is quite frustrating. This is a super simple tip but the quick hack will help you pull focus without any hassle. Hope it helps!

                Free Cinema 4D Models: Conservatory Pack

                A new C4D freebie pack from Jim Field has arrived! This one is pretty massive, with 15 3D conservatory models! A conservatory is a glass room addition to a house for growing plants or just for sitting in.

                This pack will be very useful if you’re creating any architecture visualizations or creating any neighborhood or house scenes. Massive thanks to Jim. If you make anything cool with them, please hit me up!

                Click here to download the free C4D models

                  C4D Tutorial: Interactive Render Region Hack!

                  In this tutorial I’ll show you a little render region hack in Cinema 4D to save you a ton of time when rendering. Kind of a cool little technique I discovered! Hope it helps you out.

                    C4D Tutorial: Using Layer Masks in the Reflectance Channel

                    Cinema 4D quick tip on getting more control of your shaders. Learn to use a feature in the reflectance channel called the layer mask to have part of your material be reflective and part of it be matte or non-reflective. Hope this helps you out!

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