Announcement: Cinema 4D Procedural Material Pack

I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Procedural Material Pack!” Rob Redman and I have teamed up to bring you a very special pack with over 340 C4D materials to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative! These 100% procedural materials take full advantage of the new Reflectance channel in C4D! Procedural means that they are infinitely tile-able unlike many other material packs which use image textures and can create seams when you tile them.

Best of all we are only asking $45 for the pack, which should make it very accessible to everyone. Please note that it will only work in R16 and above because of the new Reflectance channel which is used heavily.


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    Announcement: Infographics: Graphs and Charts Pack


    I’m excited to share our new Graphs and Charts Pack! Simon Spencer-Harvey and I have created 45+ Cinema4D infographic bar, chart and graph rigs! Every single model has an xpresso rig so you can easily change the bar, point, or line heights with sliders. The sliders are also connected to the numerical values, so they go up and down whenever you raise a bar or move a point! We didn’t stop there though. We are also including a fully pre-animated version of each and every model so you can just add them to your scene and already have the animation set up! That means you can either use the included xpresso rig, or you can use the pre-animated xpresso rig, it’s up to you since we have included both versions.

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      Cinema 4D Tutorial: Getting Started with Sculpting


      I’ve been messing around with sculpting quite a bit lately and it’s a ton of fun. This tutorial is a quick primer to get you started in Cinema 4D sculpting. In this tutorial I’ll go over setting up your sculpt, using stamps and presets and how to use height maps (I use ones from Enjoy! If you sculpt anything cool I would love to see your progress. Hit me up on twitter, @jorenkandel


        Free C4D 3D Architectural Model: Aeon Flux Wind Tunnel


        We have a great new freebie for you today! It’s an architectural model of the Aeon Flux Wind Tunnel. This is a great 3D environment to put your objects in, or to use in a sci-fi or industrial type animation. Hope you find a fun use for it. This model was created by Simon Spencer-Harvey, so huge thanks to him for sharing. Enjoy!


        Click here to download the free Cinema 4D Aeon Flux Wind Tunnel


          C4D Tutorial: HDRIs and Creating Them Yourself in Cinema 4D


          In this great tutorial, Simon Spencer-Harvey, a co-conspirator with me at The Pixel Lab, shows you how to create your own HDRI for free in Cinema 4D. This is a great way to light a scene in a creative and customizable way, especially for scenarios that are more specific. You will also learn a lot about HDRIs along the way. Make sure to watch past the middle when he digs into the meat of the procedure. Enjoy!

            Free Cinema 4D Character Rig: Marvin


            Last week I posted a character model from Ace5Studios. They just wrote me to let me know that they have another free character model out as well. This one is a fully rigged Marvin model! If you’re interested in rigging/characters, download and play away, it’s a lot of fun. Thanks Ace5Studios!

            Download the free C4D Marvin Character Rig

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              C4D Tip: Minimize Headaches with Center Axis To Command Box


              In Cinema 4D, if you want to do a turntable animation or have anything spin from direct center, here is a quick tip to minimize your headaches. Hope it helps you out! (Model from our City Pack)

                Free C4D 3D Dual Neck Guitar and Amp Model


                My friend Jim Field just keeps cranking out so much awesome content! Jim is the artist behind the sweet pocket watch model as well as a cottage house and Moor Park manor house we gave away awhile ago. Today he’s giving away free Cinema 4d models of a Dual Neck Guitar and Amp. Please make sure to thank Jim in the comments for his efforts and generosity!

                Click here to download the free dual neck guitar model

                  Free Fully Rigged Cinema 4D 3D Character


                  Ace5Studios just released a really fun and free C4D character rig called #beefy4D. He’s totally rigged up and ready to roll, so if you need a fun character check it out!

                  Get the free 3D character rig here

                    C4D Quick Tip: Modifying Textures From lib4d Models


                    In this video I’ll address a question I get a lot, and that is “how do I edit the textures in your .lib4d model packs.” It’s pretty easy, just a bit confusing if you don’t know where to look. Hope it helps!
                    The model used is from the Events 2.0 pack here.

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