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Procedural Material Pack $45

A very special pack with over 340 C4D materials to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative! These 100% procedural materials take full advantage of the new Reflectance channel in C4D!


Graphs and Charts Pack $40

45+ Infographic Graph and Chart rigs for Cinema4D! Every single model has an Xpresso rig to easily control bars, data points and lines with simple sliders. Not only that, but we included a pre-animated version of every single model as well!



Tech Pack $40

44 of our finest technology themed models for a great price. Included are various cameras, robot arms, vintage tech items, computers, printer, hard drives, lenses and dozens of electronic connectors like HDMI, USB, VHS etc.




Material Pack for C4D $50

Material Pack contains over 500 C4D textures to speed up your workflow! The materials are organized in these categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Metal, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic, Stone/Concrete/Dirt and Wood. Over 500 textures for $50, this is the best deal you can find!




Material Pack for Element 3D $50

Material Pack contains over 500 textures for Videocopilot Element 3D to speed up your workflow! The materials are organized in these categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Metal, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic, Stone/Concrete/Dirt and Wood. Over 500 textures for $50, this is the best deal you can find!




Earth and Globe Pack $55

Over 55 C4D 3D models covering everything from realistic to artistic, high poly to low poly globes, earths, maps and solar system pieces. Also included are 6 full Xpresso rigs to create intricate animations quickly. We have something for everyone and I hope you enjoy it!



Pipes Generator for C4D $49

Create custom piping features, industrial elements and elements for steam punk designs in a few clicks! This rig is incredibly easy and fun to use. Simply pick from dozens of component options, click one, and it will instantly create custom pipes.


Travel Pack


Events & Exhibition Pack $50

Over 50 premium C4D models for concerts, events, exhibitions, conferences etc. Included are 8 full 3D scenes to get you started. Also included are microphones, podiums, spotlights, speakers, projectors, tables, chairs and much more!



Events & Exhibition Pack 2.0 $49

Over 45 models for Events and Exhibitions and specifically outdoor ones. Included are 8 Xpresso rigs to help speed up your animations and give you further control. Event stages, lights, tents, trucks, banners, barriers, displays and much more!


Retail Display Pack V1 $50

Over 90 store building elements including 3 full 3D environments and a modular storefront builder xpresso rig that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This pack is extremely versatile with elements for building all sorts of stores, displays, retail areas, set dressings and architectural visualizations.




Designers Pack $69

Over 260 premium C4D models in one pack! Included are bolts, cables, ropes, metal scraps, latches, hinges, fans, wheels, tubes, pipes, connectors, ladders, trusses and tons more. This pack will speed up your designing workflow and let you experiment easily by adding bits/pieces to create complex designs quickly.



Trailer Text Pack for C4D: $45

You will definitely save a lot of time on your projects with this pack of 60 trailer/title text presets. There is a huge variety of styles and genres from epic, metal, grunge, cartoon, movie styles and everything in between. Every preset includes the lighting set up and textures.



Air Duct Generator for C4D $49

Create custom air duct features instantly. It also comes with 85 component models and 15 full preset rigs in a .lib4d. This rig is incredibly easy and fun to use, just pick from dozens of component options, click one, and you can instantly create custom air ducts.



Medical Pack for C4D $45

Medical Pack contains over 20 medical and hospital related models. Included are a syringe, IV drip, MRI machine, X ray machines, pills and bottles, stretchers, hospital beds, operation lights, oxygen, scalpel, EKG, stethoscope, thermometer and many more.




Image2Plane 2.0 Plugin $24.99

Image2Plane is a Cinema4D plugin that will save you tons of time on your projects. The plugin is simple: take hundreds of images and in one click import them, put them each on their own texture, their own plane, and re-size them instantly. One click to set up a field of hundreds of images such as country flags, field of app icons, client logos, DVD covers, album covers, magazines, books, photos, trees etc.


Video Board Pack


Video Board Pack $55

Quickly drop footage or a logo on any of these 24 3D video screens and you have an instant way to display your content. Included are 24 various video screens, including some that have expresso rigs for quick animation. Also included are various 3D scenes to house your video boards.


Industrial Pack


Industrial Pack $40

Our most popular pack to date with dozens of elements you can use to grunge up your industrial scenes. Included are 2 3D environments, 25 industrial models, 10 HDRIs, 9 C4D metal textures and 50 texture images. Also included are tons of trusses, beams and metal objects to take your design to the next level.


Industrial Pack 2


Industrial Pack 2 $60

A follow up pack to our original Industrial Pack, this products includes even more content with 20 models, 10 shaders, 5 full 3D scenes, 30 textures, 24 HDRIs and a studio set. If you need an environment the 5 3D scenes include 4 highly detailed warehouse interiors and one exterior scene.


Video Production Pack


Video Production Pack $50

Over 20 extremely detailed video production themed elements to help you build your scenes. Included are items like a tv camera, dolly, studio lightings, jib arm, tripod, audio mixer, film reels and much more.



Classic Furnishings Pack for C4D: $35

This pack has over 25 Cinema4D 3D models of classic interior furniture and decoration. These are all classic icons of interior design and are a great way to dress your scenes.


Travel Pack


Sports Pack $40

A 3D model pack that includes basketball, baseball, football, hockey, golf, tennis, volleyball, track, boxing, pool, bowling etc. elements. There are tons of great sports assets to add to your scene!


Travel Pack


Soccer Pack $35

A 3D model pack that includes a soccer ball, soccer field, goal posts, cleats, referee whistle, yellow card, red card, substitution board, training cones, stadium seats, stadium flood lights, dugout and more.




House Pack $35

The House Pack includes over 35 Cinema 4D house elements. Included are items like doors, windows, lights, mailboxes, number plates, fences, keys, welcome mats and door bells. Also included are a couple full 3D houses and house scenes to get you started!




Backyard Pack $45

The Backyard Pack includes over 30 Cinema 4D backyard elements. Included are items like a lawn mower, bbq grill, picnic bench, swimming pools, kids playground toys, gardening tools, deck furniture, fire pit, trampoline etc. It also includes 5 different style grass patches.




Garage Pack $50

The Garage Pack includes over 30 Cinema 4D garage or auto mechanic type 3D elements. Included are items like air compressors, oil bottles, lots of tools, floor jacks, garage heater, ladders, benches etc. It also includes a full 3D garage scene to get your started with an environment.


Rooftop Pack


Rooftop Pack $50

The Rooftop Pack includes over 30 Cinema 4D urban rooftop elements. Included are items like satellites, antennas, chimneys, water tanks, air conditioning units etc. This is a great pack to quickly add a lot of detail to any city or urban scene.


Travel Pack


Travel Pack $55

A huge pack filled with over 30 travel themed models. Included are models like an airplane interior, suitcases, sunglasses, surfboard, scuba gear, beach balls and the famous Las Vegas sign among others. Also included is a travel themed animated open.


Kitchen Pack


Kitchen Pack $40

I teamed up with Rob Redman on this fantastic pack which includes over 30 kitchen and cooking themed models. Included are items like espresso machines, tableware, cups, plates, knives, tea pots, salt and pepper shakers and other items to fill our your kitchen or cooking themed scenes.


Green Pack


Green Pack $30

If you’re creating any designs for environmentally friendly themes, this pack will be perfect for you. Nineteen green themed models including energy saving light bulbs, windmills, recycling solutions and solar panels. Proceeds from this pack go towards a school in Africa and a clean water project.


Music Pack


Music Pack $40

A huge pack of over 20 music themed models. Included are instruments like electric guitars, drums, piano, trumpet and piano as well as items like mic stands, audio cassettes and turntables.


Financial Pack


Financial Pack $40

20 money/finance related models to round our your scene. Included are items like safes, gold bars, ATM, American bills and coins, Euro coins and bills, calculator, checks, money suitcases and much more.


City Pack


City Pack $40

A pack full of anything you would need for an urban scene including over 20 models, 3 full 3D environments, 16 graffiti textures and 40 image textures. Included are train tunnels, office spaces, an alley, dumpsters, fire hydrants, railroad crossing signs, 96 road signs and a sign generator.


Pixel Lab Bundles



Mega Pack Bundle $719 (Over $700 in savings)

Every C4D model The Pixel Lab has ever created in one pack! Over 1,000 models with a savings of more than $700. Plus we are including the Pipes Generator and the Air Duct Generator! This will give you a massive library of different models you’ll be able to use for all of your upcoming projects. We are also throwing in the Material Pack and Procedural Material Pack for free as a bonus: over 840 professional C4D textures to sweeten the deal!



Urban Bundle $150

Everything you need for your urban designs. Included are the Rooftop Pack, the City Pack, the Industrial Pack and the Industrial Pack 2. Over 105 urban models for only$150; a savings of more than $40.


Urban Bundle


Sports Bundle $55

Everything you need for your sports designs. Included are the Soccer Pack and the Sports Pack. Almost 50 models for only $55; a savings of $20! Highly detailed models for about $1 apiece, this is the best deal around for sports models.


Pixel Lab Packs For Element
Video Production Pack For Element 3D


Video Production Pack For VideoCopilot Element 3D $40

This pack is the Video Production Pack created specifically for Videocopilot Element 3D. All of the models are textured and prepared in Element so you just have to open them up and start rocking in After Effects. If you don’t use a 3D software package but want to get some 3D action in AE, this is the place to start!


Financial Pack For Element 3D


Financial Pack For VideoCopilot Element 3D $40

Our Financial Pack that has been converted to Videocopilot Element 3D. All of the models have been textured in Element so you can instantly add them to your scene in After Effects if you have Element 3D.


Music Pack For Element 3D


Music Pack For VideoCopilot Element 3D $40

This is our Music Pack of over 20 music themed models created specifically for Adobe After Effects Videocopilot Element 3D. Enjoy 3D directly in After Effects!



Recommended Products



Dem Earth Advanced Geography Generator

Dem Earth is pretty insane. It automatically downloads geographic data from the internet to generate real-time, dynamic landscapes based on the geographic coordinates you plug in. Crazy! The  possibilities are endless.



Infinite Ocean

Infinite Ocean is an easy-to-use rig which allows you to quickly add an Ocean or large body of water to a scene. You can easily control wave direction, swell size and speed as well as multiple boats & floating objects.