C4D Octane Lighting Essentials

I’m thrilled to introduce Octane Lighting Essentials for Cinema 4D! I have again teamed up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking. Jump start your lighting with 10 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors.

The exciting thing about this pack is that we are committing to monthly updates for at least one year. We will be adding new studio light setups monthly with free updates to customers! We would like to integrate any user feedback and requests for new scenes so you can be involved in where this product evolves. Here are the 10 scenes currently included:

Scene 01: Clean Studio

Fully customizable clean studio that’s perfect for product visualization.

Scene 02: Seamless

Fully customizable clean studio. Light dependent scene with a real, infinite floor!

Scene 03: Shooting Room

Fully customizable real studio setup. Perfect for high detail models.

Scene 04: InstaDaily

Created for Instagram maniacs. A versatile scene for fancy renders!

Scene 05: Dramatic

Fully customizable photo realistic lighting for dramatic scenes.

Scene 06: Hard Light

Octane spotlight scene. High contrast and well calibrated lights which are perfect for metals.

Scene 07: Back Light

Fully customizable back lit studio.

Scene 08: Car Studio

Fully customizable scene designed specifically for vehicles or product renders.

Scene 09: Ray of God

A beautiful foggy scene for easy volumetric illumination.

Scene 10: Cinematic

Perfect for title sequences. Realistic and cinematic lighting.

You will need Octane 3.07 and above and Cinema 4D R15 and above. The download is a .lib4d so you can easily access these lighting setups through your content browser.

Every studio has a full Xpresso setup for easy customization!

    1. magnol

      Hi… this seems to be a really nice plugin.. is it usable for animation or is this only for Still picture

      • Joren

        Yes, you absolutely can use it for animation. 🙂

    2. Keith D Neves
      Keith D Neves11-16-2017

      Thanks Joren!

    3. Mark S. Johnson
      Mark S. Johnson11-16-2017

      Looks absolutely amazing, Joren. Nice work!

    4. Eli

      Where is the overview video?

    5. Ben Hanbury
      Ben Hanbury11-17-2017

      Looks interesting, it would be great to see an overview video though to understand more fully how it works?

      • Joren

        I just put one up, hope that helps!

    6. AYMERS


    7. Alessandro Boncio
      Alessandro Boncio11-20-2017

      Hi all guys, this is product in progress because we will add monthly new scenes, that means we are opened to you suggestions!

    8. Ray

      Hi Joren you mentioned that this pack will be updating in the first year of its release – would there be a charge on each update or is it one-time payment?

      Btw awesome work and keep it up!

      • Joren

        Whenever we update it, it will always be a free update for people who have purchased it. Cheers! -Joren

    9. Brent Harding
      Brent Harding11-27-2017

      Hey Joren your products are amazing and I have loved playing around with this lighting set for Octane. I am having trouble getting the ray of god pack to work though it opens but it does not show any fog, just an off white background, I have tried playing with the settings but with no result, am I missing a simple setting that needs to be turned on for this one?

      • Joren

        Hey Brent, You can e-mail me for more in depth support, but my assumption is that you’re not using Octane 3.07? Are you on the latest version (it’s a free update)? Let me know and we’ll figure it out! E-mail is [email protected]

    10. Dan

      Hi Joren,

      Great lover of your products, own a few already!

      Keen on buying this but will it work for larger objects (e.g. cars)? Can we scale the scene up? Or do I need to scale the model down?

      We mainly work with larger objects like mechanical structures/machinery and cars to create animations. You have already said this should work well with animation, but just wanted to check it would work with larger objects?


      • Dan

        OK, I’m a spaz. I can see you have a scene already for car renders! So I guess it works great 🙂


      • Joren

        The studios are built to a scale we thought appropriate, so the car scene will work for larger objects. The lights are all calibrated to work together at a certain scale, though, so generally you would want to scale your objects to fit the scene, not the other way around. Cheers!

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