Octane Lighting Essentials for C4D

14 Fully Customizable Studio Lighting Scenes

Octane Lighting Essentials for C4D

Jump start your lighting with 14 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors. The download is a .lib4d so you can easily access these lighting setups through your content browser.

Free Updates

The exciting thing about this pack is that we are committing to frequent updates for at least one year. We will be adding new studio light setups roughly every month with free updates to customers! We would like to integrate any user feedback and requests for new scenes so you can be involved in where this product evolves. Here are the 14 scenes currently included:

Scene 01: Clean Studio

Fully customizable clean studio that’s perfect for product visualization.

Scene 02: Seamless

Fully customizable clean studio. Light dependent scene with a real, infinite floor!

Scene 03: Shooting Room

Fully customizable real studio setup. Perfect for high detail models.

Scene 04: InstaDaily

Created for Instagram maniacs. A versatile scene for fancy renders!

Scene 05: Dramatic

Fully customizable photo realistic lighting for dramatic scenes.

Scene 06: Hard Light

Octane spotlight scene. High contrast and well calibrated lights which are perfect for metals.

Scene 07: Back Light

Fully customizable back lit studio.

Scene 08: Car Studio

Fully customizable scene designed specifically for vehicles or product renders.

Scene 09: Ray of God

A beautiful foggy scene for easy volumetric illumination.

Scene 10: Cinematic

Perfect for title sequences. Realistic and cinematic lighting.

Scene 11: Perfect Portrait

Our January 2018 addition to the collection.

Scene 12: Jewelry Scene

A photorealistic studio perfect for jewelry or display items.

Scene 13: Procedural Spotlights

A photorealistic light dependent seamless studio

Octane Lighting Essentials for Maxon Cinema 4D

Scene 14: High Tech Studio

A photorealistic view dependent scene perfect for glossy tech

Octane Lighting Essentials High Tech Studio for C4D

Scene 15: Garage Scene Studio

A gritty studio scene with a concrete floor. One thing to note is that Octane occasionally has a bug with this scene, depending on what version and what mood Octane happens to be in! (Same with the “Ray of God” scene). If you hit render and it doesn’t show the concrete floor all you have to do is go to “save with assets” and save the C4D file onto your hard drive, then cancel your Octane render and re-hit render. Saving it to your hard drive will fool Octane into loading it properly. Just an fyi, in case this happens to you.

Octane Lighting Essentials Garage Scene C4D
Every studio has a full Xpresso setup for easy customization!
Cinema 4D Procedural Spotlight Octane Render Studio
Octane Lighting Essentials Tech Studio for Cinema 4D
Octane Lighting Essentials Garage Scene C4D

I have just purchased the kit and it is really great with immediate lighting results. I always took so much time to set up lighting even knowing how to do it, it was always a hassle. I wanted to share an image rendered with Octane Lighting Essentials. The seamless floor, loaded, set the color and rendered, just like this it took 10 seconds to set it up. Thanks for saving me time.”

A Customer Named Thies Temmen
Octane Lighting Essentials for Cinema 4D


  • Octane 3.07 and above
  • Cinema 4D R15 and above

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in what we create and want you to be 100% happy. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee if we don’t meet your expectations!

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