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Redshift Lighting Essentials Volume 2 for Cinema 4D

10 Fully Customizable Studio Lighting Scenes

Redshift Lighting Essentials Volume 2 for Cinema 4D

Redshift Lighting Essentials Volume 2 for Cinema 4D

Free monthly updates for customers. The final product will have 20 studios!

Redshift Lighting Essentials Volume 2 for Cinema 4D

Redshift Lighting Essentials Volume 2 for Cinema 4D

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Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Cloth Curtains

We have a beautiful freebie this week courtesy of Alfredo over at It’s a set of cloth curtains. These are Cinema 4D models and come textured for Octane Render. Also, these are not animated, and not really set up for animation, but they’re perfect for dressing your scene etc. I love these, and am going to put them to good use!!

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Cloth Curtains

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In this Cinema 4D and Redshift tutorial I’ll show you how to make more realistic random patterns in your volumetric fog set up by using a little known utility material called the Noise Volume Material. I hope you find it useful! The city buildings used are part of our Modern Cityscape Collection here.


In this tutorial for Cinema 4D and Redshift I’ll show you how to use the math constant node to link together multiple textures. This will save you a lot of time, and even more as your texture node tree gets bigger and messier! Hope you find it useful.

To get the Redshift Material used, check it out here.


Coffee Run Cinema 4D Maxon

I saw this animation and really loved it, so wanted to share! It’s called Coffee Run and is by a UK based studio called Bomper. I don’t know a lot about this project, except for that it was created in Cinema 4D and is a self-initiated internal project which was started for R&D and for fun.Coffee Run Cinema 4D Maxon Coffee Run Cinema 4D Maxon

I love this for a lot of reasons, but especially the fact that they took time away from client work to explore new techniques deeply and really refresh their creativity. It’s incredibly inspiring to see studios doing this!

Coffee Run Cinema 4D MaxonCoffee Run Cinema 4D Maxon

Check out their full post here to see a lot of behind the scenes:

You might be surprised to hear that there is a NAB New York that Maxon participated in this year. It’s a smaller NAB for the East Coast, which flies a bit under the radar, but nonetheless Maxon stepped up and delivered an amazing show. All of the presentations, from artists like Andrew Kramer, Sekani Solomon, Robyn Haddow, Jermey Cox and many more, are full of inspiration and tips for Cinema 4D. Huge thanks to Maxon, as always. All of the presentations are below, so grab some coffee and a notepad and enjoy!

“Creating Complex Animation with Simple Tools in Cinema 4D” by Sekani Solomon at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Sekani Solomon explains his process creating the Abasi Rosborough Brand Film while also demonstrating how he created some of the more complicated shots using Cinema 4Ds MoGraph and deformer tools. Sekani is a Senior Cinema 4D Generalist/Designer based in New York City. Hailing from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Sekani’s diverse skill set in Design, Animation and Compositing allows him to work at any stage of the production pipeline with a high level of proficiency.


Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Television studio Set

Another freebie is live! This is from Remco van der Meer, and it’s a television studio set 3d model for Cinema 4D. He lit/textured this for Arnold, fyi. Feel free to use for whatever you want. Enjoy, thanks Remco!

Click to Download Free Television Studio Set Model


Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Pokemon Poke Ball

Today we have another freebie from my man Remco! It’s a Pokemon Poke ball for Cinema 4D. What could you use this for? Who knows! But if you do, let me know, I would love to see it. Maybe a daily render with a pokemon theme would be fun. Enjoy!

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Pokemon Poke Ball

Download Free Cinema 4D 3D Pokemon Poke Ball Model

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