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I’m very excited to introduce our new Redshift C4D Material Pack 3! 163 premium materials that are 4K or procedural. Most of them are seamless and all of them are created to be easy to customize.

Learn more and see all of the renders


Free Cinema 4D 3D Circular Staircase Model

We have a new freebie from Remco. It’s a free C4D 3D model of a circular or spiral staircase. The model includes textures. Feel free to use for anything, personal or commercial. Just don’t resell in any way. Enjoy! Make sure to check out all of our 200+ other free models here:

Download Free Cinema 4D 3D Circular Staircase Model

In this tutorial I’ll show you two ways to make a simple digital clock countdown in Cinema 4D. I’ll show you how to do it with C4D Xpresso and a variation with User Data. I’m giving away the scene file for free also!
To find the more complicated project file I mentioned you can go here:

The font I used can be found for free here:

Download the free C4D Countdown Animation Project File

Redshift Cinema 4D Material Pack Free

We just launched our brand new Redshift C4D Material Pack 3 and as part of the celebration we wanted to share 9 of the materials with you for free. It’s a little sampler pack so you can get an idea of what the full pack of 163 materials will be like. So feel free to download them and use for whatever you want. There is also a guide inside the download showing you how to get the most out of Redshift materials. Enjoy!

Download the free sampler pack for C4D Redshift

If you like the sampler, you can find the full pack here.

Redshift Material Pack for Cinema 4D

The fifth set of free NAB tutorials for Cinema 4D is live. Thanks Cineversity!

D.J. Stange: The World of Sports Production: High Volume, High Quality, Zero Time

Chris Villa: Baltimore Ravens: Cinema 4D Pipeline Tips & Production Techniques


Zachary Corzine: Freelance Commercial Production Workflow in Cinema 4D

The fourth set of free NAB Training for Cinema 4D is live. Thanks Cineversity!

Robyn Haddow: Make it Mographable: Creative Concepts for Production

Chris Schmidt: 50 Minutes of Tips and Tricks for Cinema 4D

Phil Roberts: My First Year in Cinema 4D: A Creative Journey

Ding, ding. Round 3! The third set of NAB Training for Cinema 4D is live. Thanks Cineversity!


Sarah Wickliffe: Designing for Comedy TV: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cinema 4D

Barton Damer: Simple Tools for Complex 3D Artwork and Animations in Cinema 4D

Penelope Nederlander: Tales from the Tour Bus: Modeling, Animating, and How Cineware Rocks

Nick Campbell: Make Beautiful Renders in Seconds with Cinema 4D

If you have never used Arnold before and want to set up your first scene, this quick start video by Remco will help you out. He’ll show you how to set up a scene, lighting and materials just to get you started in Arnold Render for Cinema 4D. More quick tips are coming soon!

Ding, ding. Round 2! The second set of NAB Training is live, get back in the ring. Thanks Cineversity!

Sabour Amirazodi: The Pioneer DJ Tradeshow Booth: A New Spin with C4D

Nate Rodriguez-Vera: A Lazy Artist’s Guide to Using Cinema 4D Commercially

Andy Needham: Cinema 4D: The Best Tool A Motion Designer Could Ask For

Summer is almost here my friends! That means lots of sunshine and grilling. I wanted to make sure you are aware of this free 3D model of a bbq grill that Remco is giving away. Again, a big thanks to Remco for being so generous.

Like usual don’t use the model for resale but besides that you can use it for anything you want. Have a happy summer!

Download Free C4D Barbecue Grill Model

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