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I’m very excited to introduce our new Redshift C4D Material Pack 2! 150 materials that are 4K or procedural. 99% are seamless, and all are created to be easy to customize.

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New freebie! Remco is crushing it lately in Arnold Render. I guess he’s now the Arnold man at The Pixel Lab. Kind of fun that all of us have chosen a different render app so we can share a bit from all of them! So, this free vintage cassette recorder model is textured for Arnold renderer. If you want to use it with any other renderer you can re-texture. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Remco!

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Remco is diving into Arnold lately! Today’s freebie is a handful of different medical pills. They’re created for Arnold Render in C4D and include textures/lighting. I also made a Cinema 4D Physical Render version in case you don’t have Arnold. Enjoy!

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The results are in on the Steampunk Modeling Contest! We had some incredible entries. I decided to just give them all a free product since everyone did such a great job. Thanks for entering everybody. I hope you had fun. Hopefully we will run a new contest in a month or two!

veej – Vijay Ram or 

Dave Williams

Dmitriy Zhavoronkov

Vertex Helix aka Stratis Routzounis

Gama Tron

Jona Fynn Schlegelmilch

Walter Briggs

Great job everybody! Stay tuned for more contests in the future.

Remco has been busy! He created a new free 3D model of a spotlight lamp. The model can be used for commercial or personal use, just not for resale. I hope you enjoy it! If you have anything cool to share with the community, shoot me an e-mail to [email protected] and I can help spread the word.

This model is free and is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers. To download it and the nearly 200 other free models just subscribe and you will get download info.

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We just launched our brand new Redshift C4D Material Pack 2 and as part of the celebration we wanted to share 6 of the materials with you for free. It’s a little sampler pack so you can get an idea of what the full pack of 150 materials will be like. So feel free to download them and use for whatever you want. There is also a guide inside the download showing you how to get the most out of Redshift materials. Enjoy!

Click here to download the free sampler pack for Redshift

If you like the sampler, you can find the full pack here.

My friend Paul, aka The Rusted Pixel, is sharing an incredible freebie and I wanted to help him spread the word. He created a shader pack with 16 SSS (Subsurface Scattering) C4D Octane materials. They’re absolutely beautiful!

He posted them to celebrate his first full year as a freelancer. Make sure to give him some love over on Behance!

See his project and get the free shader pack

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to use a little Xpresso so your lights or HDRIs can flicker in Cinema 4D. This is great for setting some moody lighting. Hope it helps you out!

Great news! We just released the first Octane Lighting Essentials update. As promised we will be updating the product with free new studio scenes monthly.

This update includes a scene called “Perfect Portrait” which is just gorgeous. It’s a round studio and you can manage size, ratio, background color and the power and position of the HDRI light source. We also have 2 different lights that you can turn on and off. On the first one you can select the light’s color and on the second one you can select the light’s temperature.

But the most important thing about this scene is the background light. You can emit light from the background to create a wonderful portrait.

If you already own Octane Lighting Essentials I just sent out an e-mail to you with an update link. If you didn’t receive that, maybe check your spam, or let me know. All new purchases will include the extra scene. Stay tuned for more additions next month!

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I found an incredible collection of free food models from _Blank Repository and wanted to share. They are scans, meaning they’re super detailed. They come in .obj format and include a 4K texture map! Super valuable if you need any food models in your work or if you’re doing daily renders in 2018 because everybody needs to render pieces of fruit. Probably use the pineapple. Make sure to use metal or wood textures or else you’re not doing dailies right. Obviously. And make sure they’re supersized and placed in a mountain scene. Actually, make them gold. With glass spheres surrounding them. You can thank me later.

Download the 50+ food models

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