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In this C4D tutorial I’ll show you how to make your viewport lighter, and also your renders much faster, by taking high poly models and using the Remesh tool to make lower poly copies. Then we will use the LOD (Level of Detail) to switch between the high and low resolution versions of the model so the models in the background will be low resolution and the ones in the foreground will be high resolution hero objects. Hopefully these workflow tips will help you save a lot of time! To get the free model I used go here.

In this C4D quick tip I’ll show you how to really quickly get color swatches from any source in to a Cinema 4D gradient, and save it out as a preset. It’s easier than you might think!

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In this guest tutorial, Jonathan Winbush will show you how to use one of our animated alembic flags, how to prepare it in Cinema 4D, how to export it as alembic and .obj and then how to re-compile it in Unreal Engine. It’s a great workflow with lots of tips and tricks along the way! Huge thanks to Winbush, make sure to follow his channel: If you like these Unreal tutorials, let me know and we can do more!

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In this tutorial I’ll show you 5 reasons you should add Alembic to your workflow in Cinema 4D.

1. It speeds up your workflow and gives your computer processor a break. If you use alembic, your computer memory use can be lowered a ton and it will be a lot easier to work with dynamics, soft bodies or particle sims.

2. You can easily offset timing or speeds. There is a lot of built in flexibility. You can duplicate your Alembic and then use the “offset” in the Alembic options to offset the start/end point and even loop or ping pong. You can even change the speed so this way you can use 1 Alembic file, multiply it, change the start point and it looks like you have a lot of unique animations in your scene.

3. You can send the .abc file to any collaborators even if they are on different 3D apps, since Alembic is very widely accepted by apps like maya, 3ds max, Houdini, blender, unreal, marvelous designer and many more. It’s an industry standard format.

4. After saving to alembic you can send these project files to a render farm with no issues,Β unlike if you’re using dynamics which sometimes messes up on render farms. Alembic is bomb proof.

5. You can scrub your animation and do test renders on any frame, whereas if you used something like cloth dynamics or simulations, sometimes you can’t scrub and render frames accurately. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Hand Rig Toon Xpresso

Yes, it’s free!! The download is a free C4D toon arm rig. It has an Xpresso rig so it’s all set up for animation. Perfect for infographics etc. Enjoy! Huge thanks to EverydayPancakes for sharing. Follow them here:

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Hand Rig Toon Xpresso

Click to Download Free C4D Toon Arm Rig

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In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you a workaround for a confusing situation: texturing Alembic files. If you’ve ever wanted to make a texture selection on an Alembic, you’ll know it’s not possible since you can’t select polygons. No worries, it’s an easy workaround. Hope it helps!

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to light your scene quickly and efficiently. It’s a fun little technique, hopefully you learn something from it!Β 

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Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Among Us Crewmate Spaceman

We have a really rad freebie today. This was sent to me by a friend named Everyday Pancakes. He created a sweet model of the Among Us crewmate spaceman/astronaut. It’s complete rigged which is epic, and it is even textured with Sketch and Toon. If you’re not familiar, Among Us is a online multiplayer social deduction game made by InnerSloth. It’s taking the world by storm, so hopefully you can find a good use for this model, or at least you can use it for some fun character animation tests/practice for your social media.

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Among Us Crewmate Spacemen

Huge thanks to Everyday Pancakes for being so willing to share. If you have any cool resources you have made that you want to share with the community, please let me know. I would love to share and give you a shoutout!

Click to Download C4D Among Us Crewmate Model

Redshift RS Cinema 4D C4D Material Texture Pack 4

We just launched our brand new Redshift C4D Material Pack 4 and as part of the celebration we wanted to share 10 of the materials with you for free. It’s a little sampler pack so you can get an idea of what the full pack of 176 materials will be like. So feel free to download them and use for whatever you want. Enjoy!

Download the free sampler pack for C4D Redshift

If you like the sampler, you can find the full pack here.

Redshift RS Cinema 4D C4D Material Texture Pack 4

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