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In this C4D tutorial I’ll show you how to select individual clones and then hide them. It’s perfect if you have some straggling clones or ones that are intersecting. Now you can easily art direct your cloned object and hide specific clones with the mograph selection tool.

Free 3D Model Electrical Switch Outlet

We have a beautiful free 3d model today which was created by Vladimir Radetzki. You can find him at his website:
Make sure to head over, follow him on social for more great stuff and shoot him a thank you! The freebie is a 3D model of a electric outlet and light switch. These are perfect for any interior scenes or adding details to walls etc. Feel free to use for whatever you want. Huge thanks again to Vladimir!!

Free 3D Model Electrical Switch Outlet

Click to Download Free 3D Model Electric Outlet/Switch

In this C4D tut I’ll show you how to use a vertex map to apply different forces, like turbulence, to very specific areas of your scene. This way you can stack multiple forces that respond differently depending on your needs. I’ll also show you a tip for blending your ocean plane into a background HDRI scene. It’s a quick addition of a gradient ramp piped into the opacity of a texture to blend. Super easy, but very effective for many things. Hope you learn something new!

In this C4D and Redshift tutorial I’ll show you how to set up light groups so you can render out all your lights separately and have TONS of control in post production. It’s a great technique if you want to link up a light strobe to a sound track etc. Hope you learn something new!

Unreal Engine Path Tracing Tutorial Free 3D Scene Download UE5

My buddy Jonathan Winbush just posted a tutorial introducing you to use the new Path Tracing features in UE5.1.

He used the free 3D Mayan statue model that we have in our freebies section. Winbush is giving away his Unreal scene so you can download and play around with it while you watch the tutorial. Make sure to follow Winbush on his YouTube channel and also a big thanks to Romain Vaysse who created the Mayan Relic statue. You can also get that 3D model for Cinema 4D here:

Download Free Unreal 3D Statue Scene

In this tutorial I’ll show how to use the Place Tool and Dynamic Place Tools in Cinema 4D to quickly put your objects exactly where you want them. If you’re populating your scene, or need to create a random and organic placement for multiple objects, these tools will save you TONS of time. Get after it!

Free C4D 3D Model Obj Japanese Ghost Ghoul Mask

We have a new freebie for you! This is a traditional Japanese Mask with a scary ghoul/ghost vibe. This was created by Romain Vaysse who also created the free Mayan Relic model. Romain created this Japanese mask in Zbrush and textured it in substance painter.

Free C4D 3D Model Obj Japanese Ghost Ghoul Mask

The download is a .obj file so you can use it in any 3D app and it also includes all the texture maps which is amazing. The final result is incredibly detailed and I know you’ll love it.

Free C4D 3D Model Obj Japanese Ghost Ghoul Mask

Make sure to check out Romain’s Behance and also you can write him for details on usages if you want to add this model to a project. Enjoy!

Free C4D 3D Model Obj Japanese Ghost Ghoul Mask

Click to Download Free Japanese Mask Model

We have a brand new product out! It’s called Smoke Bursts and it has 25 incredibly realistic VDB Smoke Burst animations which you can load into any render engine/app that supports them such as Blender, Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Houdini, Cycles and many more.

Learn More Here

I don’t usually make AE tutorials, but this resources demands it! It’s a free script called MGFX by Saransh Sharma. You can get it here:

The script allows you in a handful of clicks to COMPLETELY organize your entire AE project into a neat folder structure. It’s SO useful, I just love it!

Get Hard Surfaces Here:

If you’ve ever used the Cinema 4D Volume Builder and Volume Mesher and have had issues with artifacts on your final mesh then this tip might be of use. We’ll use the Curvature Map you can generate with fields and then use a Smoothing Deformer to clean up artifacts on just the edges of your mesh. I hope it helps!

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