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Cinema 4D Indonesian Meatball Model Food

Hey everyone! If you were following our last modeling contest you would have seen this entry by Bambang Suhendra. He created a great Indonesian Meatball soup scene, including sauce bottle models. He wrote me and wanted to give it away to everyone! The model is textured for Cinema 4D Redshift. If you have anything you would like to share with the community just send me an e-mail, I would love to help spread the word. Thanks Bambang! You can follow him here:

Download Free Indonesian Meatball 3D Model

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Empty Pizza Box

Another great freebie by my man Remco van der Meer. This is a empty pizza box. Sorry, we didn’t leave any for you. We have two versions in the download: one for C4D Arnold and one for C4D Octane. Feel free to use for whatever you want, commercial or personal. Enjoy, and a huge thanks to Remco!

Download Free Cinema 4D Pizza Box Model

New Cinema 4D Modeling Contest Food Theme

Alright, we’re wrapping up our latest contest which had the “Food” theme. Below are the top entries. Thanks everyone for entering, I hope you had fun and learned a lot! (I’ll contact the winners and get them their prizes).


Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Glass Rum Bottle Arnold

Remco modeled/textured/lit this epic rum bottle and is giving it away for free! This is textured/lit with Arnold render for Cinema 4D. You can learn more about the rum and brand here.

Download Free Cinema 4D Rum Bottle Model


Are Puzzle Mattes in C4D Redshift better than Cryptomattes? Maybe! We’ll go over it in this tutorial. I hope this, plus the Cryptomatte tutorial, will give you all the matte options you need.

The scene in this tutorial is from Redshift Lighting Essentials. Check it out here.


Game changer? I think so! In this tutorial I’ll go over how to use the Cryptomatte feature in Redshift for Cinema 4D and After Effects. It’s an amazing way to quickly deal with mattes/buffers. If you haven’t used Cryptomatte, I HIGHLY recommend adding it to your workflow!

If you use Octane, I have an Octane version of this tutorial here.

To download the free Cryptomatte plugin for After Effects go here.

To check out Redshift Lighting Essentials go here.

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Jewelry Emerald Rings Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Jewelry Broach and Necklace

New freebies courtesy of! This is a little mini pack of Cinema 4D 3D jewelry. Included is a emerald ring, a gold rose flower brooch/pin and a gold apple necklace. I hope you find a good use for them!

Download free C4D Jewelry Model pack

(P.S. The above rings render is using the Photographers Table Studio from our Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2, if you’re interested).

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Lambo Car Wheel

Brand new freebie today! It’s a Lambo car wheel/tire for Cinema 4D and Octane Render. I hope you find it useful for a project! This is created by my friends over at Make sure to check them out!

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