Arnold Mutating Materials: Woods

Arnold Mutating Materials: Woods

Activate your mutant powers using 25 types of wood with varying levels of decay or patterning. It’s the most comprehensive pack of wood materials for Cinema 4D + Arnold available on the planet, featuring 280+ materials (including architectural woods & tree barks)! Every texture is 4k, seamless, PBR based and very little tinkering is required. This pack will save you a massive amount of time!

Arnold Mutating Materials Woods

280+ Arnold Materials

4K Resolution and Seamless

This pack includes 280+ premium materials for Cinema 4D + Arnold.

Iterate with Ease

Designed for Experimentation

No need to mess with nodes. Don’t like a material? Just add a variation to quickly test out different options.

High Resolution

PBR Based 4K Maps

All materials are 4K and completely seamless.

Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D
The most comprehensive collection of Arnold wood textures on the planet

Included are 13 architectural types of wood, each featuring between 12 and 17 variations (including Plank, Smudged, Dirty, Worn, Rotten, Raw, Sawn, Parquet English, Parquet Hungarian Point, Parquet Herringbone and Parquet Square Basket).  Also included are 3 specialty types of wood with variations like Painted, Clean, Painted Smudged, Painted Dirty, Painted Peeling, Charred and Particle. And finally we have 9 types of tree bark, each featuring between 2 and 10 variations like plain or mossy. Quickly find the perfect wood texture without touching a node!

What makes this product unique?

The premise of this product is to take one type of wood and then have mutations of it in various forms of decay and wearing. This means you can easily iterate. If you don’t like a look you can easily select the next option to add more weathering and decay. It’s incredibly versatile!

Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D
Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D

African Mahogany

16 Materials

American Cherry

17 Materials
Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D


12 Materials

Ash Bark

5 Materials

Aspen Bark

4 Materials

Brown Beech

17 Materials


17 Materials
Redshift Cinema 4D Mutating Material Texture Pack Wood

Beech Bark

4 Materials

American Beech Bark

2 Materials

Pine Bark

10 Materials

Red Pine Park

2 Materials

Sycamore Bark

4 Materials

Sycamore Maple Bark

6 Materials
Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D

Black Walnut

17 Materials

Brown Hickory

17 Materials

Charred Wood

3 Materials

Honduran Mahogany

17 Materials

Honey Beech

17 Materials


17 Materials
Redshift Cinema 4D Mutating Material Texture Pack Wood

Oak Bark

8 Materials

Painted Wood

18 Materials


17 Materials

Particle Board

4 Materials

White Cedar

17 Materials

White Oak

17 Materials
Shader ball model is courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of Ultradigital (
Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D
Redshift Cinema 4D Mutating Material Texture Pack Wood

Your mutating packs are insanely cool. Your products make my job so much more fun! Thanks for all you do!


Theses packs are just mind blowingly beautiful. They’ve been an amazing addition to my work. I can’t overstate it enough how awesome your material packs are. Everything for C4D usually costs an arm and a leg. This is such awesome quality for the price you sell them at. From the newsletters, to the products, I appreciate what you do with The Pixel Lab.

Arnold Mutating Materials Woods Cinema 4D

This fills a unique spot in the sense that there are so many variations of damage and finishes for each material that it really invites exploration. Keep up the great work!

Redshift Cinema 4D Mutating Material Texture Pack Wood


  • Arnold Renderer for Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D Version R16 or Above
  • 30 Gigs of Space
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We believe in what we create and want you to be 100% happy. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee if we don’t meet your expectations!

If you’re a Redshift user, we have this product for RS.

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