Announcement: Redshift C4D Material Pack

I’m very excited to be diving into the Redshift world! This is the first ever C4D Redshift Material Pack (that we know of)! Materials were created by my friend Mark fromĀ (Texture ball model courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of

135 pre-made complex materials so you can save time and limit your node tree headaches!

Here are all of the included materials. Click to see them high res!

Click to buy now for $69: Instant Download

(60 Day Money Back Guarantee if You’re Not Fully Satisfied!)

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase, and the textures are not linking up, please update to the latest version of Redshift. The previous versions have issues with linking textures, so updating will solve that. Thanks!

    1. Maurice

      Hey, just one quick question… why are the textures just 2K ?

      • Joren

        The ones using textures are 2K to keep the file size down, but many are procedural and can be scaled almost infinitely. 2K should be just fine for almost all uses. If we have enough people wanting higher res we can maybe figure something out down the road!

    2. Gabriel rios
      Gabriel rios11-28-2017

      Fantastic, Beautiful, Are you going to have another sale,?

      • Joren

        Not a “cyber week” sale, but we are doing $10 off for the first week. Use code: redshiftbaby
        Cheers! -Joren

    3. Grant

      I’m so dang happy you came out with this!

    4. Roger Harris
      Roger Harris11-29-2017

      Nice work Joren. Not the first of its kind but definitely the most comprehensive so far! A steal at this price too!

    5. Matthews

      Thanx a lot Joren ! really nice work ! as always #;-)
      Hope to see more in the next months, always really usefull in production…. no glass mat in stock ?

    6. Luc

      Please keep creating common materials skin and carpet drywall 2X4 steal aluminum copper ect.
      plane Fabric i would love to see a pack for Physical.

      I was really hoping id see this offered for REDSHIFT and you guys are the first to present it.
      Keep up the Great Work!

    7. Mark

      I can’t link tex path
      How can I solve it~~??

      • Joren

        If you have purchased the pack and are having issues with the textures not linking, I’m almost certain it’s because you are using an older version of Redshift. This pack, and the way Redshift looks at the .lib4d, requires the latest update. It’s free, so try that and let me know if that works for you. Cheers! Joren

    8. Robert

      Are there plans to release something for Maya as well?

      • Joren

        Unfortunately not at the moment, sorry about that!

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