Redshift C4D Material Pack 3

Redshift RS Cinema 4D C4D Material Pack 3

163 Redshift Materials

4K Resolution or Procedural

This pack includes 163 premium materials for Cinema 4D Redshift. 100% of the materials are 4K and/or procedural.

Easy to Customize

Cleverly Created and Versatile

Nearly all materials are seamless. Many materials feature the ability to increase or decrease the amount of rust, mold, dirt, lichen, frost, or magma using a simple ramp slider.

Help Included

Includes an Easy-Find Material Guide for quickly choosing materials

This product also comes with a 21-page Helpful Tips eBooklet which will show you how to work with and modify the materials. This guide will help you get the most out of the materials, especially if you are new to Redshift.

Redshift C4D Material Pack 3

I’m very excited to bring you the third material pack for Redshift! It’s a brand new pack with 163 premium materials which are 100% 4K or procedural materials! With completely different/new materials, this pack is a perfect compliment to Pack 1 and Pack 2. The pack is brimming with 42 useful metals such as rusty steel, rough iron, painted steel, grinded iron, brushed aluminum, galvanized iron, and hammered iron. It also includes several truly iridescent materials. The materials were created by my friend Mark from Below are all of the included categories and materials:

What Sets These Redshift Packs Apart From Others?

These packs are not just PBR, they also have dozens and dozens of fully procedural materials. If you want to learn how to build your own layered, procedural Redshift materials, this is a great pack to study. Or if you just want that extra freedom to control the amount of rust, mold, paint, dirt, and lichen using simple sliders, then this is the pack for you!

These materials are really well made and they’ve helped me focus on rapidly texturing and trying out new looks vs. sitting in the shader-graph hoping my connections are in the right places.

Chaske Haverkos
Redshift Cinema 4D Material Pack Ad

Motorcycle render by Richard Jones of using Redshift Material Packs

6 Ceramic Materials


9 Emissive Materials


24 Fabric Materials


Redshift Material Pack Fabric Cloth Cinema 4D
Redshift Material Pack Fabric Cloth Cinema 4D
Above Renders by
8 Ground & Aerial Materials

Ground - Aerial

11 Leather Materials


6 Marble - Granite Materials

Marble - Granite

42 Metal Materials


3 Organic Materials


8 Plastic - Rubber Materials

Plastic - Rubber

7 Stone Materials


1 Terracotta Material


15 Translucent Materials


23 Wood Materials


Shader ball model is courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of Ultradigital (
Redshift Material Pack 3 Texture
Redshift Cinema 4D Material Pack Ad

Motorcycle render by Dave Howe of using Redshift Material Packs

The more I dive into your Redshift Material packs the more I am excited. This is not only the best Redshift Material Pack, it’s the best material pack I own for all of the most common render engines. The translucent material is just stunning, someone really spent a lot of passion and time to create these materials.

A Customer Named Thies


  • Redshift V2.5.46 or Above for Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D Version R16 or Above
  • 3.78 Gigs of Space
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