Octane Texture Pack Pro

I’m excited to team up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking to offer the Octane Texture Pack Pro! It has 100 incredibly detailed and high resolution textures. This product has been over a year in the making with any ior, dispersions and sss values physically correct to the real world. This pack is a must have for pro level textures!

Please click on thumbnails for a full res version to see the details!


Click here to buy now for only $59!

“For any serious Octane user, this is a no-brainer. Gorgeous materials at your disposal with just a click. The pack I was waiting for!”

   – A Customer Named Guido


Octane 3.05 and above

Cinema 4D R15 and above

Click here to buy now for only $59!

    1. Eli Co
      Eli Co11-20-2017

      As far as I know, Octane mix materials don’t get saved correctly in the assets manager. How does that work?

      • Joren

        We set it up with 3 textures you add. Just click on the “Mix” and drag “1” into the 1 slot and “2” into the second slot, then you’re good to go. We named them so it’s very easy to do it. Cheers! -Joren

    2. Yan

      is it include jade material in pack?

      • Joren

        Hey mate, all of the included textures are shown above in the images. Cheers! -Joren

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