Heat Distortion and Blur VFX for Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Heat Ripple and Distortion Blur VFX Effect

Heat Distortion and Blur VFX for Unreal Engine

Instantly add realistic cinematic heat distortion and heat blur into your motion graphics and VFX!

Heat Distortion and Blur is a tool for instantly adding high quality animated distortions and blurs into your motion graphics and VFX shots. While it is designed for creating realistic heat effects from sources like fire, lava, the hot desert sun…etc., it can also be used to create underwater distortion. This is a very easy-to-use, drag-and-drop blueprint.

Unreal Engine Heat Ripple and Distortion Blur VFX Effect


High quality, realistic heat distortion and blur effect.

 Automatically animated.

Drag and drop.

Highly customizable.

 Control speed, strength, size, and much more.

Completely Keyframeable.

Unreal Engine Heat Ripple and Distortion Blur VFX Effect
Unreal Engine Heat Ripple and Distortion Blur VFX Effect


  1. This effect has been designed to use in cinematic visual effects. It has been thoroughly tested in sequence renders, but has not been thoroughly tested for use in games. It is possible the high quality blur may slow things down, but there are ways to reduce overhead (watch tutorial video).
  2. Blurs and distortions will look different when played in real-time vs. rendering from the sequence editor. The effect will have a higher quality in a render but will also be less pronounced. For renders, you may find that you want to increase the strength of the effect by dialing up the Distortion Intense and Blur Intense properties.
  3. Due to the nature of distortions in Unreal Engine, when Distortion Intense is set very high, the edge pixels of the screen may repeat/stretch. If that happens, a good solution is to render your project at a higher resolution with slightly wider framing so that you can crop out those edges when you bring your footage into your video editing software.


  • Unreal Engine 5.0+
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