My name is Joren Kandel and I am a full time freelance motion designer/video editor. I have been in the industry for over a decade and right now I am almost exclusively in sports motion design. Cinema 4D and After Effects are my tools of choice, and I do most of my editing in Premiere Pro. If you need anything from me just use the contact tab!

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Remco van der Meer

Remco has been integral part of The Pixel Lab since 2011. He’s the fastest modeler around but being a humble dude he won’t say so himself. Remco is a full time freelancer in the Netherlands so if you need any help with modeling or design you can get a hold of him at

    1. Étienne Buteau
      Étienne Buteau06-16-2017

      Hi Joren,

      just want to say thank you for your awesome freebies models!
      I use some of them for a client with a cheap budget.


    2. S.K. Thoth
      S.K. Thoth08-26-2017

      I really appreciate how you organized the Siggraph presentations. Very helpful!

      And – as always – thank you for all the other generous offerings of your website.

    3. Deuce

      Thank you for everything.

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