My name is Joren Kandel and I am a full time freelance motion designer/video editor. I have been in the industry for 9 years, working at a few different studios including 3 years at Row27 Studios as their Senior Motion Designer.

I love telling stories with motion design and video. That’s what it’s all about, using video to connect with people in a meaningful way, and that’s what makes me so excited about working in our industry.

Cinema 4D and After Effects are my tools of choice, and I do most of my editing in Premiere Pro.

I would love to work with you, please e-mail me for rates and more information: [email protected]

2012 REEL



Remco van der Meer

The Man Behind the Models

Remco has been integral part of The Pixel Lab since 2011. He’s the genius behind all of the models you see and most of the freebies we send out. He’s the fastest modeler around but being a humble dude he won’t say so himself. Remco is a full time freelancer in the Netherlands so if you need any help with modeling or design you can get a hold of him at You won’t be sorry!

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