Free C4D 3D Model: Cassette Tape

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  1. johnman

    “you just realized that Daniel also has a free cassette tape C4D”,
    cut the crap,
    you saw that when you saw the sports shoe model.
    spare me the bullshit.
    you just wanted to make another post for your website traffic.

    1. Actually Daniel e-mailed me his sports shoe model and asked if I could post it. After I posted it he then followed up with an e-mail saying he had other models on his site if I wanted to check them out. Thanks for checking out the website, Johnman. Sorry if you don’t find it useful.

    2. Big D

      Wow Johnman,
      you really suck, doesn’t matter if he was driving traffic, he gives credit and provides a central point for things C4D, obviously some people just wanna hate, what do you contribute to the community, besides being a troll?

  2. Joren,

    I want to thank you and people like you who give their valuable time to provide free Cinema 4d resources.

    It is SO appreciated mate.

    And as for Johnman’s comment, some people are just IDIOTS….:))


  3. Ok, I almost never write comments anywhere, but needed to give Joren props here since the troll above was so nasty. Joren, I’m amazed you even responded to him, but you did so really nicely and that in and of itself is incredible. I know that email marketing is marketing, but you’re one of my favorite email senders. I value all the links and freebies and help. Thanks so much.

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