Introducing Image2Plane 2.0!

I’m thrilled to release a massive update to our Image2Plane! Image2Plane 2.0 has arrived! I’m collaborating with my friend A.J. Haines ( who I had the privilege of working with at an agency not too long ago.


Image2Plane is a Cinema4D plugin that will save you tons of time on your projects. The plugin is simple: take hundreds of images and in one click import them, put them each on their own texture, their own plane, and re-size them instantly. One click to set up a field of hundreds of images such as country flags, field of app icons, client logos, DVD covers, album covers, magazines, books, photos, trees etc.


Whenever you need massive amounts of images in your project, Image2Plane will handle that process with one click.


Image2Plane 2.0 is packed with tons of new features including:

-Cleaner Layout
-The ability to import a specified number of files from a folder with the option to randomize which files it grabs
-Setting the dimensions of the plane the images come in on
-The ability to choose a Cloner or Null as the parent
-Option to import planes with no segments to speed up viewport performance
-You can now save your I2P settings as defaults.
-Planes and Materials will be automatically tagged in a layer so you can easily hide all the I2P materials in the material manager.
-An all new custom Image2Plane Effector: This effector lines the images up next to each other inside a cloner no matter what size the image is. This can create some cool effects when in combination with other effectors (see video overview).

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin will NOT work in R12 or before. It only works in R13 and above.

We have a brand new two part video series showing you the updates to 2.0 as well as the original video.






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52 Responses
    1. Izzy

      Yep, PlaneSmart only works with layered PSD’s creating a plane for every layer, and the dimensions of each plane are derived from the layer contents.
      Image2Plane uses a folder of images, and the dimensions of each plane are derived from each image:)

    2. AJ

      Hey Daniel, Plane Smart has similar capabilities but I believe is meant more for if you have a composited scene in Photoshop and want to put those layer in 3D(Z) space, where Image2Plane is about quickly loading individual or large quantities of images from a folder. Its much less of a hassle then using Plane Smart. Plus you can also use it to import materials already in your scene to planes very easily!

    1. It’s another “idea” for a way to use the plugin, aka a folder full of trees that you can import and move around quickly with a cloner/random. A.J. shows how you could use a folder full of leaf images to simulate a fall scene with leaves coming down as well. Just some out of the box ways to use the plugin in different ways!

  1. Lukas

    Hi, that sounds great – does it work with video textures as well? Also, does it work with alpha channels? Would be awesome if it could load videos/photos and you could check if you want the image/video alpha use in the material alpha slot – that would be a real time saver…

    1. AJ

      Hey Lukas, good question. You can load a mix of video and images. The only current hang up with loading video with alpha is that when loading a folder with videos that have alphas it won’t put the video into alpha channel. However if you use the import single file to plane option it will load the video into the alpha, which is still a huge time saver even doing it one by one. You also will have to set it to calculate on the material as it won’t come in ready play by default. These little fixes are all being looked at for the next release.

  2. eric

    Sorry to be a pain but I can’t find the folder to put the plug in into. I followed the instructions but get lost after:
    library/preferences (maxon does not follow)

    I also have no other file types of .pype

    Is this a PC only plug?



    1. It’s Mac and PC, R13 and above. Are you running R12 by chance? Did you try going to applications/maxon/yourversion/plugins ? That’s another file path that would work. Let me know what you come up with!

      1. eric

        Hi Joren,

        Thanks for your help – and also for the plug in, it’s just what I needed for a current project.

  3. John Paul

    Got it just now! Thanks Joren and AJ for this plugin this will help in future projects.
    Cheers and Keep up the good work! Looking forward on the update you guys are working on.

  4. Steve

    Hi Joren
    Bought the plugin and it’s great! Would love to know what was done with the car image. How was that accomplished with the plugin?


    1. AJ did that one, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a cloner changed to object model and then you drag in a low poly car model, or any other model, and use that to clone the images to that model. Let me know if you have any questions on that! Cheers, Joren

    2. AJ

      Yep thats how I did it. Just a cloner and a model. Make sure you have your clones set to iterate if your going to use this many, then set the distribution to Surface and crank up the number, I think I had somewhere around 120,000 cloned images on the car!

  5. arik

    i’ve just bought the cool plugin.

    can you please explain to me how you did the coll thing with the car?

    thanks 🙂

  6. Krasimir Deliganev

    Hi Joren,
    Is this pluging will work on cloner, for instance make a wall of cubes and apply images to all cubes randomly ?

    1. Ken, I think some of the features will work fine, but I know Lite doesn’t support cloners so those features would not work. If you want to purchase the plugin and test it feel free and if it doesn’t work just e-mail me and I will refund you.

  7. David

    Is there an upgrade path from Image2Plane Version 1? I know at $24.99 it is pretty cheap, but just wondering? Also any way to specify a minimum and/or maximum image size to import, particularly if you are randomizing the selected images? I would hate to find that one low res image killed an animation or one high-res image is killing render times.


    1. David, I sent all previous purchasers an upgrade discount e-mail, not sure why you didn’t get it? Perhaps it’s in your spam. I will re-send. I’ll ask AJ about your other question now. Thanks!

    2. AJ

      Hey David, currently there is no way to filter by image size. However it was already on my list for the next update. In the mean time I would go into the folder your going to import and just do a sort by file size and remove the really small and really big files.


    1. Hey Danilo, sorry for the late reply. A.J. wrote this: “You can load a mix of video and images. The only current hang up with loading video with alpha is that when loading a folder with videos that have alphas it won’t put the video into alpha channel. However if you use the import single file to plane option it will load the video into the alpha, which is still a huge time saver even doing it one by one. You also will have to set it to calculate on the material as it won’t come in ready play by default. These little fixes are all being looked at for the next release.”
      Does that help you out?

  8. BigAl3D

    Just upgraded and it works great. I did have one glitch though. I selected a folder with 36 png files. I2P only brought in 29 of them. The other seven are in the same folder and are fine. Any idea why this would happen?

  9. Hey Joren

    fantastic plugin,, i use it all the time now
    so much so,, that i’d love to dock it into my startup interface, but when i do & on launch the image2plane tab is blank?
    any idea why & how to solve this?

  10. Uwe

    hi folks,
    great tool and big time safer. but i had some issues lately importing images. sometimes nothing happens, sometimes everything is fine. is there a limit to resolution, bit-depth or color-mode (rgb,cmyk)? had most problems with png and tif.. do you know any bugs? i´m using I2P v2.0 in C4D R14 Studio. thx!

  11. Felipe

    Hi Joren, I’m very interested at this plugin… But I’d like to know if I can use videos instead of static images? is it possible? Thank you.

    1. Hey Felipe, sorry for the delay, I just had a baby so I’ve been busy! Yes, you can use movies as textures. Just load the folder with all your movies in it. Double click one of the textures to open up the options, then highlight all of the textures so that you are editing the parameters of all of them at once. Then click on the .mov in the “color” section of the options and in the “animation” tab you have to click “calculate” to make sure the movies are playing properly. Everything should work, let me know if you have any issues!! Cheers!

  12. Pedro Gordinho

    Does this plugin come with some examples?. The ability to put many images on a click of a button is cool but if the plugin would come with some examples would be even cooler. 🙂

  13. Arindam Sen

    For example, if I am trying to create 30 planes with video textures, can i use image sequences for the video format? It seems like choosing a folder will automatically load image frame on a separate plane

    1. You can’t use image sequences if you want to make them video, but you could use a folder full of quicktime videos (not sequences). You may have to mess with the animation setting in the textures, but that would load all of the quicktimes on separate planes. Hope that helps!

  14. Hi there,

    Really liking the plug-in, thanks. Well worth it (the $). How would you suggest having the back side of the planes by a flipped image of the front, so when you turn them on the y azis the image isn’t reverse on the backside? thanks – dw

  15. Had a great time with your product, when making a music video for The Noted band (yes I am in it) when we only had still to work with. Every frame of the video is made with the Image2Plane plug in, including the 3d Spyrographics scenes, as I like to call them. Very fun, and visually hypnotic. It is set to our song, One Chance, I hope folks will look it over, maybe give us a thumbs up and find some ideas to inspire your use (or mis-use as it were).

    thanks daniel

  16. John

    Guys, there is a feature I would like to see in an upcoming version. I would like to set the resolution (texture preview size in C4D’s Material Editor) of the images as I upload them. That would save me a lot of time when I want to set it for a lot of images.

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