Octane Texture Pack 5: Motion Design


I’m so pumped to announce something we’ve been working on for many months behind the scenes. It’s a very unique and special texture pack for Octane. It has 150 textures but the exciting part it how we created it. The first of it’s kind, unique twist on this product is that these are all created with random nodes, so you can cycle through random alternative options for each texture. This means there are over 500 procedurally generated textures! It’s created just for motion designers like you. Just click “Seed” to cycle the randomly generated options!

Cinema 4D Octane Texture Pack 5 Motion Design Materials

The details are beautiful and specifically designed with a modern motion design vibe in mind. Every texture has subtle patterns and flecks that will take your project to the next level.

Cinema 4D Octane Texture Pack 5 Motion Design Materials

Plus as a bonus we have included 50 fur/hair presets which are also designed specifically for the modern motion design aesthetic.

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