Free C4D 3D Model: Random Strange Vehicle!!

I have a very strange freebie for you today! Remco created a very random and awesome looking vehicle. Not sure what it is, but if you can find a way to use it in your work I would love to see it. Please do it! I want to see you use this crazy thing!! Ok, enjoy.

Click here to download free c4d 3D model

    Rewind Vol 4: C4D Siggraph Presentations 2017

    Thanks to Maxon US and for recording and publishing these for us!

    Casey Hupke: Advanced Fracturing in Cinema 4D

    David Ariew: Digital Cinematography in C4D

    Christian Whiticar: Projection Mapping Paintings with Cinema 4D

    Eric Nicolas Smit: Fracturing in Cinema 4D

      Cinema 4D Octane Tutorial: Scatter Object Overview

      Quick overview of my new favorite tool in C4D Octane: the Scatter Object. It’s incredible for handling a bazillion clones with ease. Dig in! Also, here is the free coca cola bottle model if you want it.

        Rewind Vol 3: C4D Siggraph Presentations 2017

        Batch 3 of Siggraph is live! Huge thanks to Cineversity and Maxon for doing this for us!

        Nick Lyons: Futuristic Technology in Ghost In The Shell: Brief to Deliverable

        Brian Behm: C4D in Quick Turnaround Post Production Environments

        Nick Campbell: Getting Creative with C4D’s Fast, Easy Intuitive Workflow

        Jeremy Cox: Improvisational C4D in Production

          Rewind Vol 2: C4D Siggraph Presentations 2017

          Batch 2 of Siggraph is live! Huge thanks to Cineversity and Maxon for doing this for us!

          Chris Schmidt: Exploring Parts of Cinema 4D You’ve Been Avoiding

          Mike Winkelmann (Beeple): Building A Tunnel Loop in C4D

          Ethan Shaftel: VR in C4D: Making Extravaganza

          Winston Matthews: Creating VR Games with C4D

            Rewind Vol 1: C4D Siggraph Presentations 2017

            Batch 1 of Siggraph is already live! Wooo!! Huge thanks to Cineversity and Maxon for doing this for us!

            EJ Hassenfratz: Character Rigging and Animation in C4D

            Eric Nicolas Smit: 3D Motion Tracking and VFX in C4D

            Steve Teeple: VR and Character Animation Workflow in C4D

            Mitch Meyers: Creating C4D Cinematic Scenes with Volumetrics


              C4D Quick Tip: Changing the Default Settings of Tools and Objects

              Quick tip for C4D that might add up to some real time savings!

                Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: BMX Bike

                We have a new freebie which we’re giving away as we launch the Hide and Seek plugin for Cinema 4D! It’s the model AJ created and used in the Hide and Seek tutorial. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use. This model is untextured, fyi, since AJ originally used a paid product for textures. You can make it a fun little texturing project for some practice. If you have any cool results, send me a photo!

                Click here to download free C4D BMX bike model

                  Hide and Seek Plugin for Cinema 4D

                  Hide and Seek is our new project management plugin for Cinema 4D! Quickly find anything in your scene, isolate pieces you’re working on or create infinite selection groups. Save a ton of time by never digging through your object manager again! With Hide and Seek you can:

                  • Quickly find anything in your scene
                  • Search large groups of objects or specific items
                  • Greatly speed up your workflow on any project
                  • Isolate only the objects you’re working with
                  • Create object selection groups to come back to at any time
                  • Never dig through the object manager again!
                  Read More

                    Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Fancy Restaurant Table

                    Another great freebie by my friend Rick Ellis! (You can check out his stuff here: Today’s freebie is a fancy restaurant table including chairs and dressing like silverware, cups, plate, candle, menu etc. This will be a great addition for your interior scenes. Thanks Rick!

                    Click here to download free Cinema 4D fancy table model

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