Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Edit HDRIs Easily


Simon Spencer-Harvey goes over a technique to export your HDRI image into flat squares so that you can edit them easily in Photoshop. Then he shows you how to re-project your edited images so that they are once again a 360 HDRI in Cinema 4D. This is useful if you want to edit your HDRI and especially if you’re doing any VR scenes and need to customize anything. I hope it’s helpful!

    C4D Tutorial: Python Scripting


    My friend Noah Witchell put up a great tutorial and some free scripts for anyone who works with Python scripting or wants to learn. This video includes some really helpful resources for learning Python. Also, he has some great tips for creating something similar to Photoshop Actions where you can create a script to run through a multi step process in one click. Setting up scripts for anything you do frequently would be a great time saver. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Check out the tutorial, but make sure to go to the actual vimeo page where he has tons of links to scripts and other resources for learning. You can check that out here.

      Cinema 4D Tutorial: Joint Tool and Binding to Make a Ribbon


      Quick little tutorial on using some Cinema 4D character tools like the Joint Tool and binding to create a ribbon that is easy to animate. Hope you find some useful info!

        Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Evil Motorcycle


        My friend Jim Field just keeps cranking out great models! Jim is the artist behind the sweet pocket watch model as well as a cottage house and Moor Park manor house we gave away awhile ago. Today he’s giving away a free Cinema 4D model of an evil motorcycle. Please make sure to thank Jim in the comments for his efforts and generosity!

        Click here to download free C4D Evil Motorcycle Model

          Cinema 4D Tutorial: Tips For Using Soft Body Dynamics


          I’ve had some fun lately with C4D Soft Body Dynamics. Here are a couple tips to get you going, including how to make and use a cage with the Mesh Deformer, and how to use Vertex Maps to refine your soft body animation. Hope it’s helpful! To get the spray can model go to

            Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using Displacement


            Just a little tip for if you need to use displacement. Thanks for watching!

              Epic Free C4D Pack: Button Kit


              Man oh man do we have a freebie today! This is created by my friend Rick Ellis, who has created some of our most popular free models. Rick created a Button Kit for Cinema 4D with dozens of different buttons, dials, knobs etc. for you to use in your projects. I love this kit, such a cool idea! Rick has been super generous so I encourage you to send him a little paypal donation for his efforts if you can. His paypal address is:[email protected]

              The download is free for commercial or personal use. Make sure to thank Rick in the comments or over on his site,

              Click here to download the free Cinema 4D Button Kit

                Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Modern Wind Tunnel


                Yet another great free Cinema 4D model by Simon Spencer-Harvey. This one is another piece of architecture: a full modern wind tunnel C4D scene. Hopefully you can find some good use for it. Huge thanks to Simon. Enjoy!


                Download free C4D 3D Modern Wind Tunnel Model

                  Cinema 4D Tutorial: Getting Started with Sculpting


                  I’ve been messing around with sculpting quite a bit lately and it’s a ton of fun. This tutorial is a quick primer to get you started in Cinema 4D sculpting. In this tutorial I’ll go over setting up your sculpt, using stamps and presets and how to use height maps (I use ones from Enjoy! If you sculpt anything cool I would love to see your progress. Hit me up on twitter, @jorenkandel


                    Free C4D 3D Architectural Model: Aeon Flux Wind Tunnel


                    We have a great new freebie for you today! It’s an architectural model of the Aeon Flux Wind Tunnel. This is a great 3D environment to put your objects in, or to use in a sci-fi or industrial type animation. Hope you find a fun use for it. This model was created by Simon Spencer-Harvey, so huge thanks to him for sharing. Enjoy!


                    Click here to download the free Cinema 4D Aeon Flux Wind Tunnel


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