Free C4D 3D Model: Cryptex

free-c4d-3d-model-cryptex-da-vinci-code-open free-c4d-3d-model-cryptex-da-vinci-code-main My friend Tobias Larsson modeled a really detailed model of the Cryptex from the Da Vinci Code and is sharing it with all of us! You should check him out on Vimeo here: There are some renders of the Cryptex as well as a little demo video showing how the stepping works. The C4D model is rigged and animated!free-c4d-3d-model-cryptex-da-vinci-code-exploded free-c4d-3d-model-cryptex-da-vinci-code-close-up

Make sure to drop Tobias a thank you in the comments or on his Vimeo page. And like always, if you want to share anything with the community, just let me know and I can help spread the word: [email protected] Thanks Tobias!

Click here to download the free C4D 3D Cryptex Model

    Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Physical Sky Object

    Just a little tip for adding some depth/realism to your scene when using the Physical Sky Object in C4D. It’s a nice little feature to be aware of!

      Free C4D 3D Model: Amazon Echo


      Free model time! Simon Spencer-Harvey created a sick C4D model of the Amazon Echo which is voice activated speaker. Thanks Simon!

      Click here to download the free C4D 3D Amazon Echo model

        C4D Animation Quick Tip

        Speed up your workflow in C4D with this little tip on the “animation” feature that is often overlooked. Super useful!

        The model being used is from our Technology Pack if you’re interested:

          Free C4D 3D Model Pack: Play Houses

          free-c4d-3d-model-play-house-4 free-c4d-3d-model-play-house-3

          Jim Field, who has contributed a TON of awesome free models to our community, has another C4D model pack for you today. It’s a pack of 4 playhouse models! Huge thanks, as always, to Jim. Feel free to use the models for personal or commercial use. If you guys have anything to share, just let me know at [email protected] and I can help spread the word. Cheers!


          Click here to download the free C4D play house model pack

            C4D Workflow Quick Tips

            Just a couple of my favorite workflow efficiency tips. Hope they help!
            (Model is from our Industrial Pack 2:

              Free C4D 3D Model Pack: Chairs

              free-c4d-3d-model-exec-chair free-c4d-3d-model-office-chair free-c4d-3d-model-visitor-chair

              Jim Field is giving away another great set of models! Included in this pack are three chair models: an Executive Chair, a Office Chair and a Visitors Chair. Like always they are free for commercial or personal use, just make sure to thank Jim for his generosity. Cheers!

              Click here to download the free C4D 3D Chair Model Pack

                Free C4D 3D Model: Haunted House


                Well, I totally forgot I haven’t given this model away yet. And….now it’s 2 days after Halloween, dangit. Oh well, maybe you can use it for something anyway. Hope it’s useful. This free Cinema 4D haunted house model was created by Jim Field. Jim has been super generous with a lot of his work, so make sure to thank him!

                Feel free to use the model for personal or commercial use. Also, if you have any models or assets you have created and you want to give back to the community, shoot me an e-mail: [email protected] I would love to help spread the word. Cheers!

                Click here to download free C4D Haunted House Model

                  C4D Tutorial: Best Way to Loop Animations


                  In this quick Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you the easiest way to loop your animations using F-Curves and the Before and After options. Hope it helps some of you out!
                  Here is the link for the free character rig:

                    C4D Depth Pass Tips and Free Preset Rig


                    Cinema 4D Depth passes are incredibly useful for compositing in After Effects. Setting them up, however, is a bit annoying. I found a really cool free preset rig by Mike Udin that lets you visualize your depth pass directly in C4D so you can set them up quickly and accurately. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

                    The Alley model used in the tutorial is from our City Pack.

                    Go here to download the free C4D Depth preset rig by Mike Udin

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