C4D + Redshift Training: 3D Rendering for VFX & Games

Redshift Training LFO Discount
Redshift LFO Training VFX and Games Rendering

A Complete and Comprehensive Training Series

Over 160 videos! 66 for beginners and 100 intermediate chapters.

This training follows a linear progression starting with a person who is brand new all the way to advanced techniques so you can jump in at whatever level you are at and learn. 

Free Assets

This product comes with tons of freebies

Included are VDB files, a Noise material pack, a HDRI maps pack, a IES lights pack, RS layouts and links for free 3D models and textures.

Expert Feedback

Includes Mentor's Feedback

This course includes private Facebook group feedback from the creator!

The Most Comprehensive Training Available for C4D Redshift

C4D + Redshift 3D Rendering for VFX & Games

This course will teach you everything you need to know about lighting, shading, texturing and rendering in Redshift! This is a soup to nuts resource that will guide you all the way from beginner to an expert Redshift user. The course is led by Roland Friedrich who has worked as a lead/senior visual effects compositor on movies such as Star Wars, Avengers, Transformers, Warcraft, Interstellar, Gravity, Iron Man, Thor, Ready Player One, Aquaman, Bumblebee and many more.

Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D
Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D
Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D
LFO Design Cinema 4D C4D Redshift RS Training

All You Need to Know about Lighting, Shading, Texturing and Rendering in Redshift

This is a online course so you will get access to all recorded video chapters and you can study them anytime, anywhere and without any deadlines. The whole course was recorded in Cinema 4D and Redshift, but of course you can follow along if you use Blender, Maya, Houdini or 3DS Max, since Redshift is almost the same across platforms. 

LFO Design Cinema 4D C4D Redshift RS Training

135 Chapters Ready for you

The course will go step by step through all of the Redshift shaders and their parameters to help you better understand how you can apply them on your 3D models. In addition it will show you more advanced techniques such as how to build new textures directly in Redshift, make fully procedural materials, create masks for models without UVs and much more.



01 – Intro
02a – How to Create Scenes
02b – High Poly Model Optimization
02c – Cinema 4D Layout
03 – Menu
04 – Nodes
05 – RenderView
06 – RenderView Performance
07 – Reference Materials
08 – Lights
09 – Area Lights
10 – Dome Lights
11 – IES Lights
12 – Infinite Light
13 – Point Light
14 – Spot Light
15 – Portal Light
16 – Physical Sun
17 – Sky Sun Rig
18 – Sample Basics
19 – HDRI
20 – Volumetric Lighting
21 – Fog
22 – Noise Environment
23 – 3 Point Lighting
24 – Lighting Tricks
25 – Global Illumination
26 – Object Tag
27 – Caustics
28 – Caustics Tricks
29 – Camera
30 – Camera Tag
31 – Free Bokeh Pack
32 – PBR
33 – Linear Workflow for Nodes
34 – RS Material
35 – Diffuse
36 – Reflection
37 – IOR, Edge and Metalness
38 – Refraction
39 – Single SSS Transmittance
40 – Single SSS Extinction
41 – Multi SSS
42 – Coating
43 – Overall and Emission
44 – Optimizations and Advanced
45a – Texture Node Intro
45b – Texture Node and Textures with UV
46 – Bump and Normal Map
47 – Round Corners
48 – Ramp Node and UV Map
49 – Ramp Node ALT
50 – Color Correct
51 – Fresnel Node
52 – Ambient Occlusion
53 – State Node Introduction
54 –  State Node Normal
55 – State Node Raylength
56 – State Node Rayposition
57 – Curvature Node
58 – Curvature Radius Variations
59 –  Noise Node
60 – Change Range Nodes
61 – TriPlanar Projection Node
62 – Displacement and Displacement Blender
63 – Tessellation Workflow
64 – Material Blender and Bump Blender
65 – Color Layer, Mix and Composite
66 – Math Nodes


00 – Intro
01 – Volume Shader – Explosion
02 – Render Settings – Volume
03 – Volume Tricks
04 – Volume Scene
05 – SSS Materials – Single SSS
06 – SSS Materials – SSS Shader and Multi SSS
07 – SSS Tricks
08 – Incandescent Shader
09 – Node Tricks
10 – Imperfection – Intro
11 – Imperfection – Edges
12 – Imperfection – Color, Roughness and Bump
13 – Procedural Scratches
14 – Procedural Dirt
15 – Procedural Dust
16a – Procedural Terrain Part 1
16b – Procedural Terrain Part 2
16c – Procedural Terrain Part 3
17 – Procedural Surface Generator
18 – Car Paint Shader
19 – C4D Shader
20 – Skin Shader Workflow
21 – Skin Shader Tricks
22 – Sprite Shader
23a – Hair Shader Part 1
23b – Hair Shader Part 2
23c – Hair Shader Part 3
24 – Render Settings – Fast Technique
25 – Render Settings – Unified Sampling
26 – Render Settings – Effective Technique
27 – Environment Shader
29 – X-Ray Shader
30 – Experimental Shader
31 – Multi Projection Mapping
32 – Matte Shadow Catcher
33 – Vertex Weight Map
34 – Fields Workflow
35 – Vertex Paint and Fields
36 – RS Proxy
37 – Random
38a – CG Integration Example 1
38b – CG Integration Example 2
39a – AOV Workflow
39b – Custom AOV
40 – Post FX
41a – Lighting Techniques Part 1
41b – Lighting Techniques Part 2
42a – Double Sided Materials
42b – Shader Switch
43a – X-particles Intro
43b – X-particles Simulation
43c – X-particles Rendering
43d – X-particles Cache and Motion Blur
43e – X-particles From Textures
43f – X-particles Trails
43g – X-particles Hairs
43h – X-particles Collisions
43i – X-particles Fluid Dynamics
43j – X-particles OpenVDB Mesher
43l – X-particles Trails Algorithm
44 – X-Particles Open VDB Mesher vs Volume Builder
45 – Volume Builder Rendering
46 – X-Particles Quick Tips
47 – Specular vs Metalness
48 – Substance Workflow
49 – Megascans Workflow
Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D
LFO Design Cinema 4D C4D Redshift RS Training
Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D
I am grateful for the class, but based on other courses I’ve taken, I think you should charge more or break this up into several parts and charge separately. Your course is by far the best of its kind…
Shelley Green
Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D

AWESOME course, AWESOME people… Looking forward to more AWESOME Lessons…

Martin Michalski
Even though I’m an intermediate user, I learned a lot of very useful tricks and tips to produce beautiful and impressive renders.  The tutorials are very easy to follow and understand. I would definitely recommend it to any beginner or intermediate Redshift user looking to sharpen their skills.
Daniel Ginzburg
Redshift Cinema 4D Training VFX Games 3D

I really appreciate what Roland is offering on this Redshift course. In my professional journey of 18 years, I have used many renderers and have trained myself completely online, but have never found a course like this one, as it not only caters to advanced techniques but it is great for beginners as well. The course is great on many levels. Firstly, you get to learn from a VFX Industry Professional, who has put his heart and soul in to the training. You get to learn the course at your own pace. There is so much free stuff that you can download for practicing, like free models. Moreover, you can share your practice work on private Facebook group to get comments. And believe me, Roland is so quick in giving feedback. You don’t feel the lag in training. He is always there to help you with your difficulties. I have not found any course on any renderers where you get such in depth knowledge. If you are looking for learning Redshift, I strongly recommend this course and I can guarantee, you will not regret.

Nikhil Shahapurkar
LFO Design Cinema 4D C4D Redshift RS Training

This course has a nearly unprecedented 5 star average rating by customers!

Redshift Training LFO Discount
3D Rendering for VFX and Games Redshift

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