Free Cinema4D Model Vespa Scooter

I have another free model for you today. Remco made an absolutely ridiculous vintage vespa scooter and is letting me give it away!

It’s completely free, for commercial or personal use. The only thing you can’t use it for is resale or in stock projects for sale. It was made in R12, so it will work in R12 and above.

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Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. Enjoy the model!
Joren and Remco

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  1. Dave Woodhull
    Dave Woodhull03-11-2013

    Hi Joren, Once again thanks for the amazing model.
    Remco continues to rock!!! Just beautiful.

  2. Shalom Ormsby
    Shalom Ormsby03-11-2013

    Thanks, Joren! I helped spread the love about this model and your great blog here:

  3. svariable

    simply magnific!

  4. Johny5

    Beautiful model! that’s very cool of you sharing it. I will share your facebook link with my artist friends :D


  5. vgergser


  6. vgergser

    very very nice

  7. Goran

    Very beautyful, thank’s for sharing!

  8. kemal

    look pretty

  9. Nastia

    Thank you very much

  10. Cy Ric
    Cy Ric06-12-2013

    Thank you very much

  11. veoseven

    thanks a lot, it’s a really nice model

  12. Chi

    very nice…i like it

  13. kuang

    thanks a lot, it’s a really nice model

  14. charalambos

    thanks for the amazing model.

  15. Howard Luke
    Howard Luke04-09-2014

    Looks Fantastic

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