Free C4D Model Rig Bolt

I have a free C4D Xpresso rig of an adjustable bolt for you today! This is by my friend Ivan Van De Velde. You should check out his work here:

The rig has a lot of parameters you can choose including bolt head, thread width, height, additional washers/bolts etc. Super handy model so make sure to thank Ivan for sharing!

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  1. Sascha Herold
    Sascha Herold01-07-2014

    Thanks so mutch!

  2. Peter

    Een geweldig leuk cadeau om mee te starten in 2014 van Ivan van de Velde. Heel handig voor mij
    en ik ga er een hoop plezier van hebben… super bedankt Ivan!

    • VanDe Velde Ivan
      VanDe Velde Ivan01-09-2014

      Graag gedaan, idëen altijd welkom.

  3. stefano

    Grande Ivan sei er mejo!!

  4. daniel

    Great thanks!!!

  5. Erik

    Bedankt. Altijd handig dit.

  6. zafroy

    Looks great.. keep it up and thank you for sharing this.

    • VanDe Velde Ivan
      VanDe Velde Ivan01-09-2014

      Thnx a lot, already planning a next model

  7. Steph

    Thanks a bunch !!!

  8. Manny Chen
    Manny Chen01-08-2014

    thank you very much

  9. chase

    Thanx for the rig Ivan. I can’t wait to give it try.

    ~ chase ~

  10. peterdc

    Thank you. That is all. :)


    Hi, ty for posting this;)

  12. Aureliano Sepulveda
    Aureliano Sepulveda01-31-2014

    thanks for sharing the good stuff…

  13. Sean

    Thanks again! So many good tips and resources.

  14. Mikael

    Thank you very much .

  15. web


  16. Stephanie Adams
    Stephanie Adams05-13-2014

    I have been needing this for some time now. Great thanks!

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