Free Cinema4D C4D Model Skull Ak47 Gun

My friend Ion Lucin has created an awesome personal project where he took models and rendered them out so they look like graphical, illustrator style frames. It’s a really cool effect, so make sure to check it out and be inspired!



Ion is letting me give away two of the models he used for free! An AK-47 gun and a skull model with different levels of detail. Before downloading the models, make sure to check out the final results of the personal project here:



You can download the models on his page, or by following this link:

Make sure to thank him for his generosity, he would love some feedback on Behance!

If you have any models you want to share with our community, please shoot me an e-mail!

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  1. evans rwm
    evans rwm04-02-2013

    Very Thanks Joren and Ion Lucin! love the render! Jorem can you make a small tutorial about how to do a render like that? very thanks, greetings form south america.

  2. Klovis

    Thanx ! your stuff is always interesting and useful !

  3. Bmurmillo


  4. Francisco

    WOW awesome models.

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