I stumbled onto this video recently and it really is spot on. (Make sure to check out the video at https://www.to-fu.tv)

The animation is great, but what’s really cool is the content. How to stay creative is such a loaded and tough question. I think these 29 ideas are very powerful. I noticed a few of them have to do with writing things down and having a notepad with you at all times for when inspiration and creativity gel inside your mind.

One thing I’ve used recently for this isĀ Evernote. It’s a free online tool which is basically like an online notepad. You can makes notes, copy links and stick inspiring photos on it. You can access it anywhere you have internet which has been really key for me. When I have an idea for a tutorial, a video, an inspiring design I want to save for later, or a link for a tutorial I want to watch some other time, I can just post those to my Evernote. I would encourage you to set it up and start writing things down when inspiration strikes.

Here is a list of the 29 Ways to Stay Creative by To-Fu:

1. Make Lists

2. Carry a notebook everywhere

3. Try free writing

4. Get away from the computer

5. Quit beating yourself up

6. Take breaks

7. Sing in the shower

8. Drink coffee (I personally think this is the main way to stay creative)

9. Listen to new music

10. Be open

11. Surround yourself with creative people

12. Get feedback

13. Collaborate

14. Don’t give up

15. Practice, practice, practice

16. Allow yourself to make mistakes

17. Go somewhere new

18. Count your blessings

19. Get lots of rest

20. Take risks

21. Break the rules

22. Don’t force it

23. Read a page of the dictionary

24. Create a framework

25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect

26. Got an idea? Write it down

27. Clean your workspace

28. Have fun

29. Finish something

Got any other ideas? I’d love to hear them!