AE Videocopilot Element 3D Review

In this video I’ll share my 2 cents on the new Videocopilot Element 3D plugin.

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  1. Cool review, it does seem that the hype of expectation has hit everyone quite hard.

    I’m enjoying the plugin – the ability to get something together quickly and change the camera angle / utilise other AE plugins and effects is great. I feel it’ll help when I often find I need to re-render scenes from another angle etc.

    But you’re right about complex scenes, MoGraph and the like – I can’t wait to see what people do with it over the next few months.

  2. SugaDuga

    Is there anything I can do with Element that I can’t do with Nuke? I’m not that familiar with the plugin, just learned about it.

  3. Frank Busch

    I´m playing around with Element right now. I think its gonna change my workflow again. Back to AE. I´m in love with C4D… No doubt about it. But working with Element makes my workflow so much faster and more creative. – I did two productions with Element allready. I love the Plugin. – Of course you have to take your time with it. It has so many options, that sometimes things go wrong, but its not Elements fault… mine unfortunately 🙂

  4. Waste of time and money if you are already a professional with ANY 3d experience. If you are scared of using 3d or too lazy to learn a new program then its perfect. I guarantee that there will be thousands of wack as ambient occlusioned motion graphics videos coming out using element, they the people who bought element will want to do VERY SIMPLE things like EDIT a model and they wont be able to. Life will return to normal in 2013. Its Optical flares all over again. Overused and abused and then will be integrated only when necessary.

  5. Hello!
    I tried importing your Sphere Cam model from the Tech Pack into Element and everything is fine except for the lens surround which is transparent – and I cannot figure out why. I thought it was because it is a loft nurbs, but I flattened everything and still no luck… I’m probably missing something obvious. Could you have a look and see if you have any ideas?

  6. Hey Rogue Robot, I’ll take a look if I get a chance. Offhand, I really don’t know what the problem could be if you flattened it. I haven’t had as much time as I wanted to get into Element to play with models, but it’s on my list!

  7. A wonderful addition to the tool chest for folks that are primarily editors/motion graphics people. Have the ability to work with 3D objects in a limited capacity in AE is great. Avoiding the exporting and importing from AE to C4D is a great time saver (and no 3D rendering). For folks like me that have no need for full blown 3D animation software and the render times associated with it, Element, Zaxwerks Proanimator and Particular allow me 3D tools in a “real time” environment.As for 3D animation software, been there, done that, avoid it like the plague 😀

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