Beginning C4D Tut: Axis Center Workaround for Primitives

Beginning C4D Tut Axis Center Workaround Primitives

In this Beginning C4D Tutorial, I’ll show you how to move the axis point of an object while retaining its primitive nature. Very important tip if you’re just starting out.


    1. Lu

      Another one of these “gems” to smooth out the learning curve a bit – thanks Joren!

    2. Jack

      Good Tip!

      Some Tips to extend your tut:

      Check out ‘center axis’ in the structure menu. There you can position the axis very precisely.

      Also check out the ‘reset PSR’ button hidden in the character menu. This resets the position, scale and rotation of an object accordingly to its parent. Super useful in combination with the center axis tool.


    3. Joren

      Hey Jack, thanks for the extra tips man. Really useful!

    4. Zick-art

      With text you could always choose a different alignment option like center even if its not editable , its in the object tab I think

    5. Joren

      Good point, Zick-art, I didn’t think about that option, thanks man!

    6. nick

      The only annoying thing is that if you resize the primitive, it doesn’t then offset accordingly to the parent null. only way I can think of atm is using xpresso which makes things more time consuming..

    7. Dennis

      Very helpful video. I’m using this center point on text animation and it works very nicely. Thanks for the tutorial.

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