C4D Cel Renderer

C4D Cell Renderer

In this tutorial I’m going to show you an effect that is often overlooked, but one that can generate a really awesome look in a couple clicks. The cel renderer is perfect for architecture as well as many other abstract and sci-fi purposes. The link for the free 3D model is here.


    1. Izzy

      Frickin SWEET!

      Also, I LOVE your quick format!
      It gets right to the meat, and delivers the tasty goodness!
      Rock on bro!

    2. Joren

      Thanks for the support Izzy! Glad you’re liking it, man! If you got any good ideas for tuts or resources, lemme know. Cheers, Joren

    3. Jason Hadley
      Jason Hadley05-13-2011

      Hey man!

      You keep making better and better tuts! Like Izzy, I love the quick format. I can watch them during renders at work which is a big plus.

      Keep ’em coming dude!

    4. Maxwell

      Thank you for this, I have “sketch and toon” on my work station, but hadn’t considered using the fresnel in the luminance channel for such an awesome outcome! This is my favourite type of 3D style, very Shynola!

    5. Brett Morris
      Brett Morris05-18-2011

      Nice one… short, sweet and straight to the point.


    6. Nav

      very nice.


    7. Rick

      Solid. thanks for all the tuts. Consise, understandable. very nice.

    8. m

      AWESOME! Once again concise and to the point. Thank You

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