C4D-Dynamics 101 and the Matrix Effect

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In this tutorial I’ll give a brief overview of dynamics, including a couple useful tips about it, and show you how to slow down time, ala the Matrix effect.


    1. Diorama Studios
      Diorama Studios05-04-2011

      NICE! You do an amazing job of telling us what your doing without being confusing or taking all day to explain something. Much Apreciated.

    2. stofe

      This is super cool. Would you mind explaining how you made the splatter on the floor?

    3. Joren

      The splatter on the floor was super easy, done in After Effects. I brought in the footage to AE, but put a object buffer on the cubes, so I can have the ink behind/under them. Then I just made a mask with a big feather and had the mask scale up from zero to reveal the splatter quickly. I’ve also done that in C4D before, with the technique of using an alpha channel with grunge loaded on it. If you did that, you could put it on the floor, and then keyframe the texture so the scale goes from zero to 100 and the grunge would be revealed on the floor. Hope that helps! You can see the grunge technique here: https://www.thepixellab.net/cinema-4d-201-tutorial-adding-grunge-to-objects

    4. stofe

      Cool, thanks! I’ll give that a try. I haven’t done much with object buffers, but I should figure out how to use them.

    5. Joren

      Maybe I’ll have to make a quick tutorial on them! Thanks for checking out the site!

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