C4D Lighting Tip: Visibility & Noise

C4D Cinema4D Tutorial Lights Visibility

In this quick tip I’ll show you a way you can use visibility and noise in your lights to add some realism.


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    1. Bryan Godoy
      Bryan Godoy06-27-2011

      Nice tip. Keep them coming.

    2. Lu

      This tip comes in very handy ’cause I’m learning Lighting a scene in C4D. And a bit of “atmospheric” dust cloud adds to the mood : ).

    3. Craig

      Thanks. Any ideas how to get the dust to loop/cycle? I know using noise in a shader effector allows you to loop.

    4. Joren

      Not sure, Craig. I looked around a bit but can’t figure out a good way to make it do that. Sorry man! If I find a solution I’ll let you know…

    5. Cinema 4d
      Cinema 4d07-03-2011

      Very good tutorial on cinema 4d lighting. I liked to explanation and also the screen shots to make things clear.

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