C4D Quick Tip: Baking Deformers or Effectors


Quick C4D tip based on a request. This is showing you how to bake a a mograph effector or deformer so you can access polygon faces/points etc. Nifty little feature to know about. Hope it helps some of you out!

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  1. Rogue Robot

    Great tip!
    Can you do a similar thing if you use a texture with displacement on it?
    So I have a sphere, add a texture, tick ‘displacement’, add noise, tick ‘sub polygon’ displace, render the scene and I have a cool looking spiky ball.
    How do I bake this and get it out of C4d as geometry so I can import to Element3d?

    GSG has a good tutorial on displacement – http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-use-sub-polygon-displacement-in-cinema-4d/

    1. I’m not sure if you can do that, but what I would do is just take your sphere and put a displacer effector inside of it, add “noise” to that displacer, and use the same settings as you want to make the spiky ball. Then you can bake the deformer. Does that make sense? It should work the same!

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