C4D Quick Tip: Texturing Resolution

C4D Quick Tut Tutorial Texturing Resolution

In this super quick Cinema 4D tut, I’ll show you how to change the resolution of your textures in the viewport. Good for beginners to know this is possible.


    1. Luke

      awesome….every time i watch one of your tutorials…it seems to immediately apply to a project i’m working on…

    2. Joren

      Awesome Luke! Glad I could be helpful. Sometimes the tiny little things make a big difference!

    3. Adam Schmisek
      Adam Schmisek02-15-2012

      Love your quick tips Joren.
      Very useful.

    4. Shalom Ormsby
      Shalom Ormsby02-15-2012

      Another very helpful quick tip. You rock, Joren!

      Added to https://vimeo.com/channels/vfxtuts

    5. Raymond Jeong
      Raymond Jeong12-10-2013

      I haven’t know about this for 3 years….! Awesome~ thanks Joren.

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