C4D Quick Tut: Casting Shadows in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I’ll how you how you should set up your scene in order to accept shadows into your live action footage. In the next tutorial I’ll show you how to bring those shadows into After Effects to composite.

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  1. Joren – Thanks for these videos. I always learn something new!

    Q: Should the camera’s focal length be adjusted so that the floor plane grid matches the perspective of the painted lines in the road? The cast shadow follows the floor plane perspective, but seems “wider” than the perspective of the background image.

  2. Hey Dave, yes, you should change your focal length and any camera properties so they match the scene if at all possible. Knowing the specs the footage was shot at would be helpful, such as focal length, zoom etc. But eyeballing it should work well enough in most cases…

  3. ulle

    Hi Joren,
    Im a big fan of your tuts, they are really great, and you get complicated things to be much easier, thanks for that 🙂

    But now I have tried this tut a several times and I can get this alpha straight out and when Im render it only produce 2 files and you get 3 files, Im getting insane, it would be very nice if you could update this tut, because something is missing, maybe its the new version of C4D that’s messing everything up? Im on C4D R15 & AE CC, Thanks a lot, you are the King


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