C4D Tut: 3 Ways to Use the Display Tag

In this tutorial I’ll go over the Display Tag and show you 3 ways to use it. There are some interesting ways you can utilize this tag, so make sure to check it out.

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  1. JG

    Joren great tutorial A++++++
    I have a question…hope you can help me…
    When you do does animations with a video display in cinema 4d…do you add the videos on the displays inside cinema or in after effects? would you be able to do a tutorial about it?
    Thanks a lot and keep up the great work

  2. Thanks JG! Yeah, that would be a good tutorial, I might have to do one on that, thanks for the idea. Short answer is, I usually do my video in cinema 4D because you can get more realistic reflections with the video actually causing reflections and light on your scene. It’s hard to completely replicate that in AE, although you can fake your way around it. The downsides are it’s harder to play around with the video with effects and grading in C4D, but I can usually make it look pretty good by rendering the footage out of AE with the effects I want, and then putting the texture onto the C4D screen. One reason I would do it all in AE is if my client is picky and will probably want to make a lot of changes to the video edit, in which case you should just do it in AE to save time on the back end. Hope that helps!

  3. JG

    Thanks Joren!!! that helps a lot..
    but i have a doubt..can you render the videos in C4D with the audio? or will you need to synchronise the audio in post?
    Yeah a tutorial on that would be massive!!! waiting bad for it.
    Thanks for you kick reply

  4. JG

    BTW your reel is sick man!!! i can see you did video displays for the football advert…waiting for a tutorial about it soon..

  5. The only way you could render it is if you did a software or hardware render, but that’s really just for previews, not for a final render. Ghosting is designed for making your workflow in C4D easier, not for rendering out the effect unfortunately…

  6. kevinski

    indeed ghosting comes in handy for character animation but i guess thats just about his biggest plus dont you think?
    i guess when you composite your work in AE you wont use the visibilty much but the wireframe idea sure speeds up your workflow..
    thanks joren learned something!

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