C4D Tutorial: Axis Mode/Coordinate System

In this video I’ll give you a quick C4D tip for working with axis modes/coordinate systems that is really important to be aware of.

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  1. Can you animate this world axis tool. Made a Rubiks cube a while back.. And when trying to make move after move through animation to solve the cube, the xyz axis gets all mixed up.. Does this override everything else?

  2. Hey James, I’m pretty sure you can’t animate the axis tool, at least not to my knowledge. I have had that problem before too though, where if you start messing with the axis too much at some point even changing to world coordinate doesn’t always work the way it should…not sure why!

  3. vijay kumar

    Hi Joren,

    I am unable to switch between local & world co-ordinate they way you change it.It always stays still in local mode only.is there anyway i need to change my pref settings? I am using C4D 15 & I am on Mac.


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