C4D Tutorial: Cloth Tag and Moving a Cloth Element


Hey everyone, I have a quick tutorial on the cloth tag, caching a cloth tag and some ways to use it. If you’ve ever had problems using cloth and moving a cloth object around your scene, this will help you out!



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  1. Thats sweet looking Joran! Real nice build!

    I noticed the cloth stretching hard at the two corners from the direction of the wind.
    Have you tried additional connection points on those corners to see if that helped?

    Cloth can be a tough one to get exactly right. I can attest to that for sure.

    Still the renders look great!
    Set up for a new ad or comercial?
    Or just for fun?

    — chase —

    1. Hey Chase, thanks! Yeah, the corners are definitely not quite right. This scene was for a client project, I just used the scene as a stage for the tutorial. If I was going to use this flag in a client project final I would definitely clean up the corners. Thanks mate!

  2. ya i also noticed that chase and it is brightly visible for eye when ever some see the preview they will easily notice that 🙂 but the animation was awesome i love it joren 😀

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