C4D Tutorial: Huge Timesaver, Scroll to First Active Object

Hey everyone, quick Cinema4D tip today to help you speed up your workflow. Watch it, and DO IT! Post that you took 5 seconds to do this in the comments so I can sleep better at night and not worry about you.

    1. Adam

      Customized layout and saved! Fantastic, fantastic tip- thanks for taking the time to share! This is a really, really big deal if you were manually scrolling through previously (which I was)- you have improved my workflow tremendously with this.

    2. Jordan

      To take it one step further, I bind it to Alt-S so it’s even faster!

    3. Hermond

      Thanks, great tip. It does get very annoying from time to time.

    4. Paul

      Thanks for reminding me about this one – Chris Schmidt mentioned it years ago as well, and I always forget to use it! Maybe the second time will reinforce it for me!

    5. Ted H.
      Ted H.08-27-2014

      Thanks for the reminder, Joren. Huge time-saver!

    6. Simen Hakonsen
      Simen Hakonsen08-28-2014

      Done! Great tip, Joren. Thanks 😀

    7. Andrew D
      Andrew D08-28-2014

      Nice one! Good shout.

    8. Robin Goldman
      Robin Goldman08-28-2014

      Sleep well…

    9. Jeff

      Done. Thanks!

    10. Tamas Erdodi
      Tamas Erdodi08-29-2014

      I’m using the ALT+0 combination for this, its a bit more comfortable, btw great tip 😉

    11. steph512

      Excellent tip ! Thanks a lot, this is pure value in 5 seconds,….

    12. pedro

      voy a intentar hacerlo,gracias

    13. B-rad

      THANKS!!! Huge tip for saving time.

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