C4D Tutorial: Make an Object Buffer or Matte in a Few Clicks


Did you forget to add an object buffer to your Cinema4D render and need that matte for some compositing work? Here’s a way to make a matte/buffer in just a few clicks with the C4D Compositing Tag. It’s non-destructive to your scene too, which is pretty rad. Hope it is helpful.

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  1. Sweet – thats a good one to know! Thanks. For stills (I don’t do animation) where I’ve botched the buffer layout, I found that you can do a CEL render of your scene which happens super fast and when you save out as a PSD, your buffers come though perfectly. Also – CEL renders seem to render much quicker without lighting (which makes no sense to me) – so I cut the lighting, render, paste lighting back in and I can get mega complex scenes to render in seconds. Then transfer that buffer channel to my hero render in PS. Your method is more elegant though – gonna try that.

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