C4D Tutorial: Mograph Selection and Deleting Individual Clones

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can select individual clones in C4D and delete them by using the mograph selection tool. Big shout out to @therocketpanda and @sockgardener. Follow these gentlemen now!

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  1. Ahh…good option.

    Another option I’ve always used was instead of a Plain Effector, to use a Volume Effector. Using the Volume Effector, you only have to check off the “Visibility” without having to mess around with the Min/Max. The clones just disappear.

  2. Great Joren! 🙂
    I should run some stress test to see wich one really eliminates the polygons of the objects. Actually I think scale -1 force C4D to remind those polygons exist, therefore they are calculated in the render. I’m not sure though.
    The “visibility” one seems the most appropriate way!

  3. Lu

    VERY practical, time-saving tip.

    Joren, would you consider a few quick tutorials on camera moves – how to render different camera angles (takes) for the same scene – especially for MoGraph dynamics scenes…?? = )

  4. Lorcan Mograph

    so does the Visibility setting (O/I) actually destroy the clone? what i mean is: is it no longer being computed when not visible?

    Thanks man!

  5. lemmy

    Hi Joren,

    many thanks for your great tuts.
    helped me aalot.

    Theres one question:

    is ist possible to use the selection tag to parent a single clone with an independent 2nd objekt ?

    Thx Björn

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