C4D Tutorial: Multi-Shader Efficiency

Pixel Lab Training C4D

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can bring a whole folder full of images into your multi-shader without having to add them manually! Should save tons of time. To see Robert Leger’s tut on how this process will be simplified in R13, click here.


    1. Lu

      Hi Joren : ).

      An excellent tip!

      Would you be able to put together
      a video tip about how to put videos
      on objects…or how to render out an object of C4D in order to put a video on in AE?

      Would that be way too long for a tip?

    2. poham

      You are a genius!!!

    3. Carlos Florez
      Carlos Florez08-19-2011

      Hi Joren, I love your site and tutorials, very informative and and always excellent tips!

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