C4D Noobski Tutorial: Pixel Shards with PolyFX

Free C4D Tutorial PolyFX Pixel Shards Particles

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to have pixel shards slowly bleeding off of an object. The effect will be made using Cinema 4D PolyFx.

Here is the link to see the style frames I’m referencing: behance.net/gallery/PAC-12-Brand-Launch-Campaign-Pitch/7154775

    1. illd

      Smooth technique – thx man!

    2. Nebojsa Visnjic
      Nebojsa Visnjic09-14-2013

      Great technique Joren. If you duplicate the polygon and leave one as a triangular but the second one as a regular polygon, the effect look more organic.
      Again great approach. NEB

    3. Dave

      Hi Joren,

      Thanks for the tutorial. Good info there.


    4. Kerty

      Wonderful ! Great technique. Thanks fox.

    5. Jake

      in the help docs:
      Enable this option to create a triangle polygon out of triangular shapes, rather than a square polygon out of square shapes.

      When I check triangle, I get a triangulated triangle. Not a triangular square. Anyone else? R14 and R13.

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