C4D Tutorial: Plexus Style Organic Particle Lines

C4D Tutorial Organic Lines Plexus Particles

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to use the free plugin called RayConnector. It’s a really cool plugin to easily make plexus style organic lines using particles. Make sure to watch their full demo video for even more ideas on how to use the plugin.


Click here to get the free C4D plugin “Ray Connector”

Click here to check out Plexus to create organic particle lines in After Effects


    1. ZAKI

      Very useful plugin, thanks guys !

    2. Tom Daigon
      Tom Daigon09-27-2013

      Will it work with R15?

    3. Ramez Tabchi
      Ramez Tabchi10-02-2013

      Thanks Joren very useful , amazing

    4. seth

      how do i install this plugin?

    5. Robert Bucurel
      Robert Bucurel10-10-2013

      so there really is no audio on this tutorial? I get lost around the point he’s key framing the radius.. (?)

    6. Nick

      Hello friends,
      Plugin works perfectly on Cinema P12, I can put the photo. Thanks so much to the author and Joren that share it!

    7. kuang

      thanks alot

    8. JP

      Nice plugin thanks for the tute!
      I got a blacked out a screen in render to picture view (even after adding hair materials) UNTIL keyframes were inserted (solved everything). Not sure if anyone else got this?
      Seems you will get blank renders until keyframes are added??

    9. Niclas

      Someone that can share the plugin? The download site is down? Would be so great, want to try it:)

    10. Eli

      c4dtools.net is always offline. Any alternative downloads?

    11. jul

      Here is the link for the plug-ing

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