C4D Tutorial: Problems Adding External Compositing Tag to Cloner Objects

Ever wanted to export nulls on objects nested in a c4d cloner for use in AE? This is a common beginner problem, and this tutorial should help you out!


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  1. Nesha

    Hi Joren, thanks for the tutorial. If you don’t mind me asking did you change your mind with regard to osx platform (probably because of the nMP)? You switched already?

      1. Nesha

        OK, thank you for answering me. Btw, I’m having the same dilemma, hence the question. Nice tip in this tutorial. Keep those coming.

  2. Chathu

    great tutorial!
    i have problem how can we cinema 4d bend external solid to after effect then how can we replace in ae? with bend ? any idea ?

  3. Joakim Ottosson

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial!

    I just wonder if this would be possible to solve, I have an object with several childs inside a cloner object just so that i can use the mograph effectors. Is there in any way to add an external compositing tag to just one of the child?

    Just doing it the simple way doesn’t seem to work and adding it to the cloner object generates far to many nulls/solids in after effects.

    So if you have any idea it would be very much appreciated

    Thanks great content Joren!

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