C4D Tutorial: Shader Effector Reveal

In this tutorial I’ll show you how I made the opening animation to my reel and tutorial bumps. I’ll go over the C4D Shader Effector and show you how to use it for revealing text.

UPDATE: (Thanks Thomas for pointing this out) Since I’m not using the more complicated features of the effector, but only the simple features, like fall-off and adjusting a scale, rotation or position parameter, I could have used many other shaders to achieve this effect. You could use the plain effector, shader effector, step effector and even the random effector! So, I was wrong in the video about the shader being the only possibility! Hope this clarifies things and you keep learning that in C4D there are always many ways to do 1 thing!

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  1. Lu

    You’re welcome Joren : )

    You’re helping me learn C4D faster.
    Oh, the idea on shader effector tutorial would be awesome.

  2. Like your short tutorials ! Next time i will spend you the coffee ;).

    One question … Why do you use here the shader effector ? Because you don´t use the specific shader possibilities here ( grey based textures) . To my understanding you could even use e.g. the simple effector. I´m wrong ?


  3. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Thomas: You are 100% correct. My bad, I guess I have always done that effect with the shader, but in fact, a LOT of the shaders, if you don’t use their more complicated features, have the ability to simply use a fall-off with a scale, rotation, or position parameter! So, for this effect you could use: shader effector, plain effector, step effector and even the random effector (which I was wrong about in the tutorial). So, THANKS THOMAS for pointing this out, I appreciate your input that helps us all learn new things. I’m always learning that my way is not always the only way in C4D. C4D is so intense under the hood that a lot of times there are many ways to achieve an effect and I love learning them. Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

  4. Gustavo

    Great Tut!

    I was wondering… How do I color each letter differently?

    Because to do so… the only way I know is making the text editable, although the effector won’t work anymore.


  5. Hey Gustavo, you could add a new texture, then in the texture’s color channel load, “texture, mograph, multi-shader.” Then in the multi-shader you can make numerous different colors. You should add the colors you want, and make enough colors so that there is a new color for each letter. Then take your text, and put it in a random effector. Turn the position of the random effector off. Turn the “color mode” of the effector to “on.” Then if you put the multi-shader texture on the random effector you should be able to get random colors on the text. If you need more info, let me know! Hope that helps! Otherwise you can check out the tutorial I did on the multi-shader also:https://www.thepixellab.net/c4d-multi-shader

  6. Gustavo Lo Leggio

    Thanks Jorem!

    I almost got what I was looking for. But I can’t figure out how do I have some sort of control over the colors that I want to assign for my letters.

    For example: If I wanted to have a logo like google’s.
    Until now I can’t assign specifically one color for each letter. With the random effect, the colors are kinda random (hehehe), even the edges are colored, so if want to have a letter “B” all yellow, with the random effetc I’ll have the front face blue, the edges pink and maybe the back face yellow.
    How can I do it all yellow for one letter, blue for the other and so on?

    PS: I love the quick tips man, it’s so easy to remember ’cause they’re very short and well explained.
    Keep on with the good work!


  7. Hey Gustavo! I think I can probably help you out, but it’s a bit tough to tell you on the comments. Maybe if you could send me an e-mail and attach your C4D project file, and then I can take a look and show you what to change. E-mail it to: [email protected]
    We’ll get it sorted out mate. Thanks!

  8. Lyle

    Thanks for the cool quick tips.

    I am having a problem adding keyframes to the scale parameters in the fall off. Any ideas why?

    I tried every way I can think of to add them using drop down menus, Option clicking but C4D will not allow me to add a keyframe.

    Thanks again for the great insight into an awesome application

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  10. John

    pls help me, i have a problem. I’v made a text whith illustator, then i put it on c4d. I put the ExtrudeNurbs. Then i put the fracture (explode segments & object). The finnaly i put the shader effect but when i select it and i want to move it even the text moves. PLS answer me.

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