C4D Tutorial: Spline Rail Tip

Free C4D Tutorial Tip Spline Rail Tut

In this tutorial I’ll show you a quick tip for using the align to spline tag in conjunction with the spline rail. It’s a really important tip if you’re having trouble having an item travel along a path while having the correct rotation.


    1. David Shough
      David Shough10-09-2013

      Thanks for the tip, Joren. It’s exactly what I need for an upcoming project!

    2. Robert Bucurel
      Robert Bucurel10-10-2013

      Thank You!! I dont know how many time I have just drew a blank on how to fix this.

    3. jbarrionuevo

      just amazing! always love your shorts and sooo useful tutorials. this stuff is amazing. save huge time!
      thanks and greetings from argentina.

    4. Dima Shishkov
      Dima Shishkov10-10-2013

      Actually you can also try rotating the axis of the jack to mae it follow the spline. This also works most of the time.

      And as for the growing of cabel and movement of the jack – to make tham move and grow with same speed you should change the Intermediate Points in the spline (in your scene Helix) to Uniform or Subdivided. This way you won’t have to check so that the jack and cable stick together all the frames.

      Good luck and thank you.

    5. Lia Lim
      Lia Lim10-10-2013

      Thank you so much. Wish I had this tip in my last project… You are the best!!!!

    6. dave

      What timing! I need this tip for something I’m working on right now! T H A N K S !!!!!

    7. Brent

      Good tut. I found it easier to align a null object to the spline and then add a character constraint tag to the actual object using the tag “Character>constraint”. Select PSR and dragging the null into the target. Now you can “offset” rotation however you see fit.

    8. André

      I really love your tuts, Joren!

    9. Weird Mike
      Weird Mike10-18-2013

      Thank you very much for this. I usually forget how to do this, so I added it to my favorites.

    10. koko

      great tip thanx!

    11. Marco Ruesta
      Marco Ruesta02-20-2014

      Hey Joren,
      I recently worked on a project like this and came up with a alternate version of this example using Mospline. Feel free to download and share. In my version I created Mospline and used a Helix as my Reference Spline. Animated the End in Mospline. I also added the plug to a cloner and set it my Object to mospline and offset to 99.8 and used a count of 1. This way it follows my initial Mospline animation so I only used 2 keyframes. This way since its mospline you can use all the effectors to it like Formula so it adds movement to the spline.. Hope you enjoy..

      • Joren

        Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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