C4D Tutorial: Sticking Multiple Textures to Moving Clones

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial I’ll show you how to add multiple textures to a cloned object without making it editable. It’s an easy solution to make a cube video board much more elegant while retaining the primitives.

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  1. Jorge Barrionuevo

    love it! thanks for this and for the replay in the other post 🙂

    a question…

    which is the best format of video to use in the texture?. thanks 🙂

  2. Jason

    Is it possible that this won’t work with version 11.5? I’m following along with your great tutorial, but the two materials don’t function as you show it. I have checked, and rechecked the settings and can’t figure out why it’s failing.

  3. Honestly, I’m not sure, Jason. It’s possible something in mograph has changed that makes it impossible with 11.5. If I figured out a solution, I’ll let you know…

  4. Flemming

    Hi .. it do stick right when using position z
    effector, only on rotate

    any idear since want to both rotate and push forward i z


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