C4D/AE Tut: Integrating Optical Flares with Cinema 4D

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  1. Chris

    Thanks for the tut. Do you know offhand if you could use Echospsace from Trapcode to duplicate your lights directly in AE ? Assuming you had the plug-in.

  2. It’s funny…I was building out some style frames months ago for a project and did this the long way in After Effects, and of course, they ended up not going with the idea. Then on a completely different project, I built a light rig in C4D exactly how you just did and brought it into AE and realized, that I should’ve been doing it that way all along. Oh well…you live and learn. Thanks for showing this tip off…hopefully it save someone from doing it the long way!

  3. Chris

    Great Tut Joren! Great way to build that kind of rig for AE.

    I especially like the tip with the gamma correction in the Optical plugin…always hated that milkiness when you a lot of them so close to each other.

  4. Vytas Rauckis

    Joren, do you think that this would also allow you to create the effect of lots of cameras shooting pictures with flashes? I want to pick up Optical Flares if it would. My thought is the wall of lights would get a random effect putting them in a more random configuration in the background of my animation. They would be alphabetized as you did (using all the letters instead), then in AE, I would have Optical Flares control a random flash and flare. Is this possible?

  5. Hmm, I would certainly think that would be possible, Vytas. You could do it the exact same was the tut, and have the “flicker” different on all the different optical flares, to give it a flashes look. The other option is to take an optical flares glow and keyframe the brightness on and then off a few times, precomp it, then duplicate that precomp a bunch of times, offset the positions and the time of the comps and you could create the same effect in a more manual, controlled way…

  6. Vytas Rauckis

    Funny, I guess I am getting lazy in my old age, I almost always look for a parametric way to achieve anything in my animations. For a few seconds of “flashes”, you would think you could just create it manually. 😉

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