Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Physical Sky Object

Just a little tip for adding some depth/realism to your scene when using the Physical Sky Object in C4D. It’s a nice little feature to be aware of!

    1. Axel Streich
      Axel Streich11-17-2016

      Hi Joren,

      Just wanted to say thanks for all these helpfull little tips, the free stuff you offer on your website and all the products, which are a great value for money.

      Thanks and best regards,

      • Joren

        Thanks a lot for the kind words, Axel, I appreciate it!!

    2. David Martin
      David Martin11-18-2016

      Yet another piece of brilliance. A thousand blessings on your household!

    3. Mark Pattinson
      Mark Pattinson11-20-2016

      Hi Joren,

      I love the work you produce, you make it look so easy, a couple of questions, how long has it taken you to get to this level, and second, I love the coffee cup bubbles, is there a tutorial how you did this?

      Keep up the amazing work,

      • Joren

        Hey Mark, thanks man! I’ve been working in motion graphics and C4D for almost 10 years now. I wouldn’t say I usually make it look easy though, just like you see the best of everybody’s life on facebook/instagram, you are also seeing the best of my stuff on The Pixel Lab. You don’t see me spending hours messing stuff up before I get the tutorials ready! 🙂 As for the coffee cup bubbles, there is no tutorial, but I might make one at some point on Sub Surface Scattering, which is the key to the texturing on them. Thanks agin for the comment! -Joren

        • Mark Pattinson
          Mark Pattinson11-21-2016

          Hi Joren, thanks for the insight into your background as a motion designer, 10 years, wow, no wonder your stuff looks amazing. I look forward to seeing the coffee cup tutorial one day as i’m on your site at least once a day…thanks again, Mark P (UK)

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