Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using Displacement


Just a little tip for if you need to use displacement. Thanks for watching!

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  1. S.K. Thoth

    Thanks for everything you do in general.
    I love the displacer and just started using it more. This was very helpful to validate my explorations!

  2. 2 quick follow-up tips.

    Add displacement texture/noise/shader, etc to bump channel in object’s material.
    In the displacer object, in the shader tab choose bump instead of ‘customer shader’ and link to objects material.
    You can now map displacement more easily and it can be made to work with your material more seamlessly.

    Also if you put the defomer object and the object you want to deform, both as a child of a hypernurb you can have a lower poly preview and a higher poly render.

  3. I did this exercise, But you forgot to mention on the object that got the material on it : uncheck the “Render Perfect” and bring both the sphere segment up to say 64… and maybe to get the (smooth spikes) you showed; add ‘subdivison Surface’.

    i’m using C4D R18 and I didn’t get the same Result. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Sergey D.

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