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In this tutorial I’ll show you 5 reasons you should add Alembic to your workflow in Cinema 4D.

1. It speeds up your workflow and gives your computer processor a break. If you use alembic, your computer memory use can be lowered a ton and it will be a lot easier to work with dynamics, soft bodies or particle sims.

2. You can easily offset timing or speeds. There is a lot of built in flexibility. You can duplicate your Alembic and then use the “offset” in the Alembic options to offset the start/end point and even loop or ping pong. You can even change the speed so this way you can use 1 Alembic file, multiply it, change the start point and it looks like you have a lot of unique animations in your scene.

3. You can send the .abc file to any collaborators even if they are on different 3D apps, since Alembic is very widely accepted by apps like maya, 3ds max, Houdini, blender, unreal, marvelous designer and many more. It’s an industry standard format.

4. After saving to alembic you can send these project files to a render farm with no issues, unlike if you’re using dynamics which sometimes messes up on render farms. Alembic is bomb proof.

5. You can scrub your animation and do test renders on any frame, whereas if you used something like cloth dynamics or simulations, sometimes you can’t scrub and render frames accurately. Give it a try and let me know what you think!