Cinema 4D Tutorial: Free Code Vonc Gelatine Plugin


In this C4D tut I’ll go over the awesome free Gélatine Plugin by Code Vonc. It’s sort of like the Jiggle deformer but a TON faster to set up and use. Useful for infographics work etc. and tons of fun to play with. Hope you find it useful!


Get the free plugin here


    1. Marc

      Thank’s for the tip!

    2. Roman

      Cool. Thanks for sharing.

    3. mAx___

      Thanks for sharing! Any ideas on how to bake the effect? Thanks!

    4. kbkarthick

      i want tis plug in

    5. Maurizio Fumini
      Maurizio Fumini09-16-2016

      Too beautiful plugin !!!! Many thanks!!!!!

    6. Pascal Y
      Pascal Y09-16-2016

      Really funny n’ usefull. Again²²² a great “Code Vonc” plugin 😀
      Thanx so much……..

    7. Zachary Reese
      Zachary Reese09-16-2016

      Interesting, but the R16 version of the plugin doesn’t display any any options other than coordinates. rotation, and scale. I made sure my version is up to date. Maybe a conflict with another plugin?

    8. gustavo

      Hi, I did put the folder “vonc_gelatine” into plugins folder (C4d R17 studio) but dosen’t show up, into C4D plugins list… any suggestion.?

    9. Peter

      Hi Joren,

      I am regular on his site, but this one i did not know about yet… thanks for the heads-up

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