Cinema 4D Tutorial: Free Code Vonc Gelatine Plugin


In this C4D tut I’ll go over the awesome free Gélatine Plugin by Code Vonc. It’s sort of like the Jiggle deformer but a TON faster to set up and use. Useful for infographics work etc. and tons of fun to play with. Hope you find it useful!


Get the free plugin here


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  1. Zachary Reese

    Interesting, but the R16 version of the plugin doesn’t display any any options other than coordinates. rotation, and scale. I made sure my version is up to date. Maybe a conflict with another plugin?

  2. gustavo

    Hi, I did put the folder “vonc_gelatine” into plugins folder (C4d R17 studio) but dosen’t show up, into C4D plugins list… any suggestion.?

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