Cinema 4D Tutorial: Getting Started with Sculpting


I’ve been messing around with sculpting quite a bit lately and it’s a ton of fun. This tutorial is a quick primer to get you started in Cinema 4D sculpting. In this tutorial I’ll go over setting up your sculpt, using stamps and presets and how to use height maps (I use ones from Enjoy! If you sculpt anything cool I would love to see your progress. Hit me up on twitter, @jorenkandel


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  1. Pascal

    The overlay you get around min 4 is because it is a stencil and not a stamp. You can adjust those settings in the stencil tab of the brush

      1. Thom

        You can also load a stamp in the general settings tab like you did, but then you can just click the STAMP tab and stamp your stuff everywhere, instead of using it as a stencil. (stupid though that you can’t load them via the stamp tab itself)

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