Cinema 4D Tutorial: Solo Options Overview

In this video I’ll show you the 4 different Solo buttons in Cinema 4D and how they work. Hope it helps you out!

    1. Evan Alexander
      Evan Alexander10-03-2017

      I’m still using Nitroman’s plug in because: when you solo, it hides everything else from the object manager and hides all other materials. Occasionally, this is annoying, but 99.9% of the time, I want these areas solo’d as well, not just geometry in the viewport.

    2. Mike Humphrey
      Mike Humphrey10-05-2017

      Thanks for the tip! I had no idea this existed, even though its been there for a few versions.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to offer any speed advantage for heavy scenes in the editor, because its only solo-ing the visibility of objects in the viewport, and not the generators or deformers associated with them.

      I usually find myself using a plugin like MagicSolo or a script like MuteLayers myself.

      • Joren

        Oh interesting, I didn’t know that! I’ll have to check into that further, thanks for letting me know!

    3. Jørgen Håland
      Jørgen Håland10-05-2017

      I’m also still on magic solo for heavy scenes. You can then work like you have many different comps in one project. But I guess I could use the built in one more 🙂

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